My Week In Pictures Jan 2016 January 15

My Week in Pictures Jan.15

Happy Sunday guys! I know last week I had a bit of a meh My Week in Pics post because I hadn’t really done anything – I had the post christmas blues and was desperately trying my best to be good, both with money and calories. Thankfully I have been a bit more fun this […]

Baffo Takeaway Glasgow Jan 2017 January 13

Baffo Takeaway

I did say I’d hook you guys up with two takeaway reviews this week, so as promised here is my second little write up of yet another good Glasgow takeaway spot. In my review of Home Wok earlier this week I told you all about how I stayed in on Friday night with a few buddies […]

HomeWok Glasgow Review Jan 2017 January 11

Home Wok Takeaway

It’s been a bit of a take away heavy weekend for me, this is in fact the first of two new takeaway blog posts that I have planned for the week. Why so many takeaways you ask? Well in true January style I’m trying not to spend too much money, leading me to having virtually […]

Smoked Sugar Biscuit Bars Recipe January 09

Smoked Sugar Biscuit Bar Recipe

For 2017 I am bring back Geek Cake Club….woohoo! I went through a phase last year of baking something new every week which I really enjoyed, but as with most things life got in the way and I didn’t really have that much time to bake anymore. But just like the great man Justin Timberlake […]

My Week in Pics January 2017 January 08

My Week in Pics Jan.8

Happy New Year Kids! I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the year. The first week of 2017 has been a pretty quiet one for me, because like about 70% of the planet I am obviously on a diet at the moment…snooze! This has lead to me being VERY boring this week, it’s been […]

Tarantinos Glasgow Dec 2016 January 04

Tarantino Ristorante

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this review. Normally when I go out to try somewhere new I’m writing the blog post in my head before I even leave the restaurant, but for some reasons my first few trips to Tarantino’s just didn’t take and I kept forgetting to write […]

img_20161229_094516 December 31

My Year in Pictures: 2016

When I sat down to write this post I had every intention of writing a 2016 round up but somehow it has turned into a My Year in Pictures post instead. Which is fine because I always enjoy doing my Sunday posts, giving you guys a flavour of what I have been up to the […]