My Week in Pics Glasgow December 04

My Week in Pictures Dec.4

Happy December Guys! So last weekend, I decided in line with my 40/40 project to take my first weekend signed out of Social Media, and that means that I didn’t write up my week in pictures. Meaning that this week you lucky lot are being treated to my Fortnight in Pictures – woohoo! The last […]

Geekmas give away November 30

Geekmas Giveaway 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Welcome to Geekmas!!! Even though it’s only the 30th of November it is safe to say that I am in full-festive-fun-mode! My Christmas shopping is done, my 12ft real christmas tree (eeeekkkk – EXCITED) is being delivered next week, and my christmas playlist is already for it debut play tomorrow morning. I’d […]

Bread Meats Bread West End Glasgow November 28

Bread Meats Bread West End

You know that moment in the morning when you are just awake but desperately trying to fight consciousness? Normally, when I am in that state it just takes one thought to enter my head and it is all over for me, and I am wide awake. Well, yesterday’s waking thought was – Hang on a […]

French Melt Grilled Cheese Recipe November 23

French Melt Grilled Cheese Recipe

Welcome to the first installment of FoodGeek Cooks? My adventure into the world of cooking! When I was picking my first recipe to make in my quest to become a competent cook I knew I had to be realistic – easy, little equipment needed, as few ingredients as possible, but still allow me to try […]

FoodGeek Cooks? November 21

FoodGeek Cooks?

You may remember that a  few weeks ago I launched my new 40/40 project – the 40 things I want to achieve or learn by my 40th birthday.  A big part of my list was cooking based, because frankly I have never really tried to cook….not properly anyway. And I really want to be one […]

My Week in Pics November 20

My Week in Pictures Nov. 20

Howdy kids! Another week has come and gone, and I’m definitely feeling that this week has seen us move from lovely autumnal days to crisp bloody freezing winter. I don’t mind though, because I have spent my week bundled up in hats and scarves which is absolutely my favorite style statement. This has been a […]

Villiers & Co, Glasgow Nov 2016 November 17

Villiers & Co

It seems crazy to me now that wine used to repulse me, like I genuinely couldn’t even smell the stuff without wanting to thrown up. I spent my 20’s and early 30’s looked on in horror as my friends would drink copious amounts of this poison grape juice and seem to enjoy it…..weirdos! Then something […]