Cubatas Table August 27

GeekBytes: Cubatas

I’m sure by now you guys all know how I feel about Cubatas….I LURVE them! And I couldn’t wait to do a little GeekBytes video of one of my favourite spots in Glasgow – Hope you enjoy it. x

Athena Glasgow Review Aug 2016 August 11

Athena Greek Taverna

When my friend Becca recently told me that she didn’t like Greek food it’s fair to say my gob was smacked. I thought like Italian food it was a cuisine which was virtually impossible to dislike. Being the kind of friend that I am, I immediately set about arranging a Greek lunch date for us, […]

Philadelphia Chip Shop Glasgow Review August 08

GeekBytes: Philadelphia Chip Shop

Some times you just can’t beat a chip shop tea. Which is why I am checking out the brilliant Philadelphia Chip shop on Great Western Road in this episode of GeekBytes.

Supper Club Laneways July 16 August 02

Supper Club at the Laneways

If you haven’t heard of the Laneways yet, which has set up camp on Gordon Lane in town for the summer, where have you been? Running from Thursday to Sunday, here you will find two amazing pop up kitchens in the form of  Julie’s Street Kitchen and On Rotation Rotisserie, along with a bar which […]

The Drake July 31

GeekBytes: The Drake Bar

Right right kids, it’s time for another little Geekbytes video. This time I am popping into the Drake Bar in the West End to check it out.

Bread Meats Bread July 2016 July 31

Bread Meats Bread West Competition

We’ve all heard the rumours, and I am utterly thrilled to confirm that they are true. We are finally getting a Bread Meats Bread West!!!!!  Woohoo! That’s right, in just a few short weeks the west end of Glasgow will be welcoming this now legendary burger joint to it’s little cosy community, and I could […]

GeekByte West on the Corner Review July 25

GeekBytes: West on the Corner

Here is my latest GeekBytes review, this time I am checking out lunch at West on the Corner – Hope you like it.x


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