March 19

My Week in Pictures March.19

Okay, Okay so it’s been awhile since I last did a Week in Pictures post….sorry! I just keep forgetting to write one up on a Saturday afternoon, and then by the time I realise on a Sunday it always seems a wee bit late in the day to post it. But here I am (finally) […]

March 18

Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo Brownie Recipe

Recently I have had a bit of a crazy obsession with Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos. Well can you blame me? These suckers are freakishly addictive, and ever since I discovered them a few months ago I have been going through about 2 packets a week -they are just so incredibly morish I can’t stop snacking on them. […]

March 06


Whenever it’s one of my squads birthday it’s now tradition that the birthday boy or girl gets to choose where we go out to eat. So to celebrating the birth of one of my BFF’s Louise we found ourselves a few weeks ago in Halloumi in the city center to enjoy a little Greek eats. […]

February 28

Nana’s Famous Pancake Recipe

Today is without doubt one of my favourite days of the year – pancake day! I  love pancakes… I am not talking crepes, which are lovely in their own right, but a Scottish pancake which is a thing of beauty. They are thick, moist, sweet, fluffy little morsels of deliciousness, and there is possibly no […]

February 24

Mar Hall

When MrG popped his head into the living room a few weeks ago and said ‘I saw Mar Hall had a good deal on for Valentines Weekend, so I’ve booked us a suite for next Saturday’ I was both beyond excited, and if I am honest a wee bit shocked. For years I have wanted […]

February 19

My Week in Pictures Feb.19

Happy Sunday team. I’ve had a pretty mixed time over the last few weeks – I have been pretty busy with some great foodlights, but I have damaged my knee..again. I generally have pretty bad knee joints most of the time. You see when I was 21 I dislocated my left knee, and ever since […]

February 14


When I spotted on Twitter a few weeks ago that my buddy Debs was starting a new series on her blog called pastry pursuits, I immediately offered up my services as a cake date companion….I am just really selfless like that! Debs new series is all about finding the best independent cake spots in Glasgow, […]