Burger Meats Bun

Don’t you just hate when the hype that some restaurants attract don’t live up to it? Well since opening it’s doors about a month ago Burger Meats Bun has been surrounded by some major hype.  It started with a lot of buzz on twitter before the doors even opened, all the foodie bloggers were a-twitter about the new burger joint. Because of this I decided to let the first rush pass before I gave BMB a go and my goodness it was well worth the hype.

Located at 48A West Regents Street BMB is located in the basement under The Amber Regent. Stepping down the stair you enter what can only be described as a burger nirvana. The decor is quite industrial looking but very warm and friendly with  lovely quotes painted on the walls and miniature plastic cows hiding in fields of astro-turf on edge of the booths, my eye was drawn in all sorts of directions looking at things.

When we walking in at 1.30pm on a Sunday afternoon every table was full but we decided to wait, on the whole if somewhere is full I don’t wait because you’re often told 10 minutes when it usually turns out to be 30. We were assured tho that there were two tables which had just finished so we wouldn’t have to wait long, so we took a seat in the take away area and ordered some drinks. Thankfully they were true to their word and we only waited about 15 minutes…a fairly reasonable length of time.

While waiting my nephew decided to try a beer that he’d never sampled before, which was not in any way to his liking…upon realising this a member of staff (who I am guessing is maybe an owner??) said that he would drink it and not charge us, my nephew soon received a bottle of his much beloved West beer…I thought this was some fantastic customer service and really started off the experience on the right note.

The menu at BMB is a simple affair with just a few burger options, a few sides and 2 dessert options …some may think this is a risky strategy but I feel it’s smart. A menu doesn’t have to be huge for a venue to flourish it just has to be done right, which this food definitely is. I opted for the classic Smokin Bacon which is served with home cured & smoked bacon, Dale End, spiced ketchup, BMB burger sauce & braised onions. We also ordered sides of buffalo wings, Madlon Sea Salt Chips and Thai Chilli Cheese Chips.

The food arrived in McDonalds style wrappers and cartons which is cute and very clever (no dishes!) even your soft drink is served in the can rather than a glass – this didn’t bother me at all. After taking my standard foodie photographs I dove in and my goodness it didn’t disappoint – it was delicious and so tasty, was it messy..yes – but burgers and wings should be messy.


The burger was so juicy that i’m pretty sure that it must be steamed! The wings were lovely little tender morsels of chicken and the chips were out of this world incredible. I must admit I only had one of the Thai Chilli Chips because they were just too hot for me, but if you can handle some serious heat I am sure these will be right up your street – it’s worth mentioning that the guy who took our order did give us warning about how hot they were.

For dessert I opted for the very clever burger & shake – A little macaroon styled to look like a burger, with a very tasty ‘burger’ a  slab of chocolate ganache inside. The shake was seriously nice and served in a very sweet little milk bottle, I did wonder tho why the shake wasn’t available on the drinks menu because I would definitely order it.

A fantastic meal which more than lived up to the hype and heady expectation which I had set on this burger. Will definitely be back soon for some more of those amazeballs chips!

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