The New York Kitchen

I love a good theme restaurant but The New York Kitchen located on Dumbarton Road is not one of them. I have had my eye on this place for a month or so but had noticed on Yelp that they had been panned in 3 out of 4 reviews, however I am a big fan of trying things for yourself. So it was with great excitement that we decided to make our way their today for lunch.
 From the outside The New York Kitchen gave very little indicated that it is an American Style dinner. The decor is a mostly wooden affair with paper tablecloths, I have a real issue with these I think they don’t on the whole bode well for great food or service – how hard is it to wipe down tables between customers? Inside the only thing that indicated that we were being transported to down town New York was the huge New York picture which stretched the whole length of one wall.
We were the first ones to arrive for lunch and were told to grab a seat and the girl promptly brought us our menus & took a drinks order. Being a bit of a fudge nut I had to try the fudge milkshake, which was delivered in an old fashioned milkshake glass (ala sodashop 1950 chic) and tasted delicious. Only minor grumble about this is you really don’t get a huge amount for your £3.50, I had it finished within about 5 minutes.
I found the waitress slightyly patronising which made me feel uneasy right from the minute we walked in, to be fair I am not sure if this was just her natural personality or she hates being a waitress but all 3 of us felt the same way when she took our orders.
There were quite a few things on the menu that tempted me, althought no Hot Dogs!! what is that about? I loved the sound of the Chilli Bowl served with cheesy fries and the classic Reuben sandwhich but in the end opted for the Pulled BBQ Pork Sub which was served with caramelised onions and a side of mac & cheese.
It took about 15 minutes to arrive which felt like forever because we were all starving, and when it did I was slightly underwhelmed – first of all she forgot to order my side of mac and cheese which was really annoying, I was advised it would ‘just be 2 minutes’….10 minutes later it arrived by which time I had all but finished my meal.
So let me take you through the food, first the positives the pulled pork and carimelised onions were really nice, they were sweet and soft which was really tasty. I’m afraid that’s the end of the positives, the sub which my pork was served on was really really stale and was toasted to the point of burnt. I actually wasn’t able to get my teeth through it so I had to scrap the pork off and eat it with the fries. The fries were nice enough but the chef really could of done with changing his oil because they were covered in little black burn specks. The Mac & Cheese when it eventually arrived was a huge portion and a meal in its self. It was okayish!? the cheese sauce was a really really violent yellow colour which went plasticy looking as it cooled,  clearly it came from a packet…it was edible if you’d made it at home but frankly I expect a wee bit better in a resturant.
At £9 for my Sub & £3.75 for my mac & cheese I felt it was vastly over priced for the quality of food. When I paid the bill I was given 4 x £5 off vouchers to use on my next visit, they went straight into the bin outside unfortunately I won’t be back.
I am so sad that the New York Kitchen didn’t live up to my expectations because I so wanted it to be good