Bread Meats Bread – Launch Night

Last night I was invited to the pre-taster launch night at Bread Meats Bread located at 104 St.Vincent Street. My initial thought upon hearing about Bread Meats Bread opening was ‘another burger place? Really?’ Oh how wrong I was! This is no ordinary American / burger joint it is SO much more.
This image was stolen from the Bread Meats Bread Facebook Page
I am going to very quickly talk you thought the decor so we can talk about the food – it’s very on trend with reclaimed wooden booths, neon signs, metal stools….I think that about covers it. My absolute favourite feature is the giant windows looking out onto the street – they add a really lovely buzzy urban city vibe to the restaurant which I loved. I’m not going to lie I did sit at the launch night of a cool new restaurant watching the busy city move around me pretending I was Carrie from Sex and the City (so sue me, like you wouldn’t do the same! 🙂
Thanks to the lovely Get Out Glasgow who let me pinch their picture because my interior shots were rubbish
This is probably the moment to let you know about my teeny tiny niggle – I was at a table under the giant coo where the wall was all wooden and my gorgeous mohair jumper kept catching on one of the boards – really the tiniest of issues quickly fixed by leaning on my jacket, but I felt since I am going to gush profusely about this place I better say something negative to add some kind of counter balance. 🙂
The staff here are really friendly and helpful – the guys who was serving us (sorry I didn’t catch his name but he was the only male waiter) really knew his stuff and was so lovely. He kept us well fed and watered through the entire night.
Right now the best part – the food! I don’t think it’s fair to call this place a burger bar the truth is this is very much a gourmet American joint.
They offer 3 different types of burgers, the house blend which was ah-mazing! are you ready for a bold statement? My favourite burger in Glasgow! This little patty from heaven was served on a sweet toasted brioche bun it was moist and tender and packed with flavour. They also offer a Red Label burger,  a blend of beef and Sicilian pork sausage which is a really lovely moist burger with a nice little kick of heat. The third burger option is their premium Black Label burger which is made from special cuts of dry-aged prime scotch beef  which is incredibly tasty. Truth be told I would happily pay for any of these burgers.
Special mention I feel also has to go to the rolls, I got to sample all 3 of the buns which Bread Meats Breads offerings are served on – there is the sweet and fluffy brioche buns, the doughy and salty pretzel bun and the extremely morish Potato bun – it is greasy and doughy but in a very good way. All the rolls held together extremely well and were beyond delicious.
Next to be presented was the gourmet hotdogs which are described as a ‘homemade all beef proper hotdog’. My only comment on this would be if you like cheap hotdogs you get at the cinema this is nothing like that. It was presented on a small slider roll (no idea if they will be presented on full dog rolls or normal rolls) It didn’t really taste like a hotdog to me it tasted like an extremely delicious sausage roll.  Definitely worth a try tho.
The last sandwich I got to sample was the pastrami on rye served with a honey mustard sauce. I am not a massive pastrami fan but I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try, and I am really pleased I did because it was REALLY good. They smoke the Pastrami in house and it really showed, it was succulent and soft and the peppered crust just enhances the salty beef taste. This is never something I would normally order on a menu but I would definitely order this sandwich again.
Lastly, I was also lucky enough to try a few of the sides – the chips are triple cooked so they are gorgeous and crispy. The Sweet Potato Chips for me were the best dish of the night, an extremely clever side which are sweet and crunchy and just yum, a must try for anyone going here to eat. Both of these sides were served with a scrumptious cayenne scotchbonnaise dip.
There are so many dishes I can’t wait to try – the Poutine which sounds extremely interesting is a dish of triple cut chips topped with fresh cheese curds and house gravy…I have no idea what this will taste like but I am intrigued to try it. Also the 16 hour slow cooked in house beef brisket, the grilled cheese, the pulled chicken….the list goes on and on.
I can’t wait to go back very soon and start eating my way through this menu. If they can keep up the standard they produced last night I am sure they will become a huge success in the Glasgow food scene.