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Kelvingrove cafe restaurant review glasgow
In case you haven’t noticed in my posts I love the west end – like really love the west end. I love the coffee shops and restaurant obviously, but I also love the little independent shops which seem to spring up over night and the fact that you can always find a craft fair somewhere to buy beautiful little trinkets. I really love the people – that unique mix of hipster, rich bitch and yummy mummy which come together in a clash of west end loveyness. What I am really really into at the moment tho is the cool little reclaimed shabby chic movement which seems to be happening in Finneston.
With the likes of Old Salty’s, The Garnet & Kelvingrove Cafe all recently opening their doors it was only a matter of time before I made my way to one of these trendy looking eateries to try them out. Today was the lucky day of the very cool Kelvingrove Cafe.
KC has that very very uber trendy distressed / reclaimed look which seems to be of the moment. The exterior has been stripped all the way back so the old signage underneath is on show. Inside has the feel of a speak easy in New York in the 1920s – it is achingly cool with exposed brick walls, what I presume is original parquet flooring, lovely cosy little booths by the big picture windows which look out onto Arygll Street…can you tell I was really digging this fabulous bar. My only teeny tiny niggle is that the tables in the booth feel quite low when you’re trying to eat a very messy Lobster Roll!
The staff were all great – I was served by 2 lovely girls (I think one of them was called Jayne?) who seemed genuinely pleased when I comment that the food was great/tasty/delicious. Unlike a lot of west end bars the staff were more than helpful and not in anyway standoffish.
Food wise the menu is made up of 3 sections…small, medium and large plates. I could happily of eaten about 95% of this menu it all looked extremely enticing. I eventually opted for the Rockafella Skink (like Cullen Skink but not as thick) to start with and it was seriously good. The dish had tasty large chunks of smoked haddock and was accompanied with 2 large toasted croutons topped with even more chunks of smoked haddock…nom nom nom.

Kelvingrove cafe restaurant review glasgow

For my main course I was swaying between about 6 things but eventually went for the £18.00 lobster roll because it wasn’t something I’d seen on a menu before. I also ordered the mac n cheese with salted beef side, cause by now you all know how I feel about mac and cheese! The Lobster Roll was delicious – it was served in what tasted like a very spicy (nearly too spicy for me) thousand island dressing on a soft large roll, topped with slithers of pickle which actually added a really nice fresh crunch to the heavily sauced lobster. The Lobster was served with skinny fries which were perfectly nice frozen chips. The Mac was a bit bizarre to me – I liked it but the salted beef (which came in tasty large pieces in the mac) what definitely the prominent flavour in the dish so it was more mac and salted beef than mac and cheese. I would definitely recommend trying it tho.

I also got to try another some Posh Chips – which were skin on chips topped with quite a small about truffle and parmesan. I really love nice crunchy chips which these weren’t, they were quite soft and squidgy but nice enough that I would order them again.

After all that food there was no way I was fit for any kind of dessert unfortunately because I so badly wanted to the churros, which I have a serious thing for – next time I pop in these are on my must try list.

 I really really like the Kelvingrove Cafe and can’t wait to visit again soon. In my opinion this is not really a Saturday evening dinning out place it is much more of a laid back lunch or week night eating spot. Having seen there extensive and amazing looking cocktail menu this is more of a weekend evening drinks bar than a restaurant – there is nothing wrong with that tho 🙂




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