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Grosvenor Cafe glasgow restaurant review
Last night I decided while catching up with some friends to also knock another of my top 100 restaurants to try off the list. After checking out every menu in Ashton Lane we decided to give the Grosvenor Cafe a try. Now I’ll be honest as a G1 restaurant I wasn’t expecting great things….besides Ketchup, my dinning experience at G1 establishments hasn’t been of the highest quality. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food being served up in the Grosvenor.
So if you’ve never been to Ashton lane….first of all why not it’s super cool? But let me set the scene for you – located under a roof of twinkly magical fairy lights the cobbles of the lane are tread upon most weekends by the cool and hip of Glasgow. However, on a week night ( which is when I ate here) it was reasonably quiet and chilled, which is much more my thing than hanging with the hipsters on a Saturday night in shoes that will hurt my feet.

Inside the GC is a gigantic space which feels even larger due to the really lovely high ornate ceiling. However given the size of the bar/restaurant to say that the management at GC aren’t big fans on lights would be an understatement. My biggest niggle of the night was the fact that I had to hold my menu up to the candle to actually read it, now I know I am in my 30s (very early 30s) and wear glasses but that’s pretty ridiculous by any standards. Other than that it was a pretty cool space with lovely snug booths and a huge bar in the centre of the room.

The menu here is somewhere above pub grub but marginally below gastro pub meals. There was a nice selections of small plates to choose from if you fancied a tapas style meal (or as a starter which is what we did) then there was a good selection of pizzas, pies and traditional mains.

For my starter I opted to try the scallops with black pudding & crispy bacon – when the dish arrived it was indeed a ‘small’ dish which consisted of 3 scallops which were all cooked extremely well along with 3 small balls of black pudding and about half a rasher of extremely crispy cold bacon ( the type that shatters into a million bits when you try to cut it) served on a bed of rocket. The dish I found was quite dry, I think it might be of been very very lightly drizzled with oil but I couldn’t really tell.

For my main I went for the five spice pork, fennel & plum sauce pizza with a side of hand cut chips. The pizza was really tasty – the base was extremely thin while not being overly crispy and was covered in gorgeous big chunks of aromatic pork, so for me it was prefect. The chips were delicious, being gorgeously golden and crunchy on the outside while being mash potato soft on the inside. I would absolutely order both of these dishes again.

I have a total love of all things Salted Caramel and whenever it pops up on the menu in any way I always try to make room for dessert. Being a girl the first thing I always look at on the menu is the desserts, and was really chuffed when I spied a salted caramel chocolate tart served with pistachio ice cream. It was a really great looking dish when it arrived and definitely oozed sex appeal. Taste wise though I wasn’t crazy about the tart shell, it was pretty soft and I tend to like a really short crunchy tart. However this is purely a taste/texture issue for me personally – there was nothing at all wrong with the flavours, the bottom layer of gooey salted caramel was tasty and the top layer of  plain chocolate ganache was soft and slightly bitter.

Special mention has to go to the 2 small pieces of fudge which came with my caramel latte – it was amazing.

My last slight niggle was with the staff who I have to say were all lovely friendly girls, but they asked not once, not twice, but three times during the main course how everything was – it’s worth noting that one of the waitresses asked us twice which was a little annoying because it wasn’t busy enough at 9 o’clock on a Tuesday night that she should of forgotten. A very slight niggle but a niggle none the less.

All in all the Grosvenor Cafe was much better than I’d anticipated and gets a good solid 3 stars. I would definitely go back here to eat on a week night when it wasn’t jam packed with 20 something trendies at the weekend.



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