The first time I drove along Otago Street and spotted Skinny’s with there’s oh so cool lit up sign I knew I would be popping in to try it very soon. This day came last week when I was starving and more than capable of eating a scabby horse or two.
Now before I start my review of Skinny’s I should perhaps explain my rating system – I judge places based on the category they’re in so for example I would judge 29 against The Butchershop, the Drake against the Richmond etc so with Skinny’s being (yet another) burger joint it has to be judged against Bread Meats Bread, Ketchup, Burger Meats Bun…. So now you know just cause I rate something a 2/3 doesn’t mean the food is bad just that I’ve had better elsewhere.
Can you tell I’m feeling bad about scoring this review already?? šŸ™‚
One of the biggest problems I think Skinny’s is going to encounter in getting bums on seats. There is virtually no near by parking, they are entirely surrounded by residents only parking streets except for a few (always full) spaces. I tried to visit 3 separate times before I managed to get a space yesterday.
I love the exterior of the restaurant it’s got a cool sign which I love, it wouldn’t look out of place on Great Western Road or in Finnieston. The interior is pretty nice, it’s obviously not had a huge amount of cash spent but it still looks nice and perfectly pleasant to sit in. There are some hand painted murals on the walls of the Skinnys logo and a map with the word hamburger writing on different languages which I quite liked.
The guy who was working was a nice enough guy and reasonably fast to take my order. I get the feeling that the staff at Skinnys are quite laid back – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that tho. He did asked at 2.30 in the afternoon if I wanted to see the cocktail menu which screamed ‘Student bar’ lol
Menu wise – as I said earlier it’s very much a burger joint with the menu consisting of mostly a selection of burgers. On this occasion I opted for the Fried Chicken Burger with a side of Chilli Cheese Fries. Thankfully the food arrived pretty quickly (like I said scabby horse!)
Let’s start with the positives first – the fried chicken coating is as good as I’ve ever had anywhere, it was crispy, light, flavoursome with just the tiniest little kick of heat. The bun was great it held together well and was nicely toasted. However, the chicken itself was really dry and tough, I actually struggled to be able to bite it in places. The chilli was really tasty with just enough heat for me ( I did order it without the jalapenos). The fries were seriously seriously greasy – I understand that this was due to the meatly cheese & chilli juice so this isn’t a criticism just an observation.
The do a selection of 3 different sundae and I decided to go for an Oreo Sundae for a dessert – it seemed to take ages in an empty restaurant to arrive. When it did it was presented in a frosted glass which I thought was quite clever and can’t ever remember seeing before. The Sundae was perfectly nice, made up of plenty of crushed Oreo, whipped cream, toffee sauce and a lovely creamy vanilla & chocolate ice cream. I’d definitely order this again.
So taking everything into account I’m going to have to give Skinny’s 4 stars. I really wish I could give them more but in good conscience I can’t. The parking…..the restaurants I’d have to pass to eat here……compared to other burger joints close by. I think Skinny’s makes a great student drinks bar and I’d wish them nothing but success but I probably won’t be back I’d drive to Ashton lane and go to Ketchup.