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The Gannet

On Thursday evening after my boozy lunch in the Black Sparrow I was in the mood for a little snack, I made my way to the Kelvingrove Cafe to have a few of their small dishes and a wee drink. However I didn’t take in to account just how busy Finniston would be the last Thursday before Christmas – KG was stowed out with not a table to be found. Leaving the bar I suggested The Gannet next door which had been on my radar for quite some time – it was way more food than I thought I wanted after a 3 course lunch only 6 hours earlier. Happily it turns out my eyes weren’t bigger than my belly!

The Gannet is part of the new cool emergence of Finniston and fits in very nicely with all the usual suspects – Kelvingrove Cafe, Old Saltys, The Finniston, Crabshak…..etc. Inside is exactly what you would expect of a trendy Finniston bar – exposed brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, a smart back lit bar and cool original art work. It has a really nice, laid back chilled feel to everything and thankfully doesn’t come over as trying too hard. The designers have got the feel in the bar just right I think.

The staff were fantastic, attentive without being over powering, smiley, chatty, and more than happy to make recommendations and offer opinion on dishes. Absolutely no complaints, which always makes me happy.

So the menu at The Gannet I think is best described as local Scottish flair with a twist. After being seated at the table and ordering a glass of perfectly chilled Laurent Perrier (they sell it by the glass – clever clever manager) I perused the menu and decided to shun the delicious looking festive menu in favour of the regular menu. To start with I choose the Pig’s head croquette served with green sauce, which when arrived were 5 small little bites of perfection – crunchy on the outside and soft and succulent in the middle. They were amazingly good.

For my main I decided to be brave and try the pheasant special – having never tried it before I was both excited and slightly terrified in equal measure. When the dish arrived the pheasant was served with mash and root vegetables, just the 1 word is needed to describe the dish – perfection. Everything on the plate was well portioned and cooked impeccably. I have nothing else to add over and above Perfection!

For dessert I made yet another bold move by going for the Hot chocolate fondant with salted caramel, sesame wafer and tonka bean ice cream. Anyone who watches any of the masterchefs (Australia being my personal favourite) knows that it is near impossible to cook a fondant right. Well take a bow the dessert chef at The Gannet, it was Sensational! I cut into my hot soft sponge and the inside flowed like hot molten deliciously chocolately lava… was heaven on a plate.

The Gannet produced as good a meal as I have eaten (outside of a Michelin star restaurant) it was a perfectly proportioned 3 course meal with every course outstanding. Absolutely no flaws or niggles.
Well deserved 10 Stars!

P.S Sorry about the quality of the pictures it was really dark and I didn’t want to set off the flash in a busy restaurant.


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