Sweet As Sugar..or Not?

8f15de42588ed4cb_135459901262737675_TT5Ph7YH_f.xlargeThis post is a little different to my normal restaurant reviews – it is food related tho so I figured it counts and hope you’ll allow me a little self-indulgence.

So here is the big question – How do you feel about sugar? Yes! I am being serious. Let me tell you how I feel about it – I am an utter addict! It is how I reward myself, how I make myself feel better, how I celebrate, how I cure boredom. All in all I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with sugar, but then don’t we all.

Where did our unhealthy obsession with sugar come from? Well it’s pretty simple like religion, sporting teams and most likes and dislikes – it is reinforced into us at a very young age. When we are small we are rewarded with sugar or if we are hurt we are given chocolate to stop the tears. For goodness sake even Mary Poppins encouraged us as babes to take our medicine with a Spoon Full of Sugar!

You are perhaps wondering what has brought this little spout of self-awareness – well yesterday I volunteered…..yes volunteered to forgo sugar for 2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours or 20,160 very long minutes.

I decided to commit to this for a number of reasons. The biggest being, I am hoping it will be a great way to kick-start my diet again after my über over indulgent December. Then when I started reading into quitting sugar I became really interested in the effects that consuming excess sugar has on us and the withdrawal symptoms I can expect to encounter.

I have spent quite a bit of time looking into sugar-free foods and recipes and here was the biggest shocker for me – practically everything we eat ranges from being laced with sugar to down right drowning in the stuff – in addition to all the regular suspects you can add Processed meals, breads, pasta, fruit juices and smoothies, fruit and vegetables. in fact so far the only things I can find without any sugar is fresh meat, olive oil & cheese. Proving that it’s no great surprise that our waistlines are ever-growing and why I find it so hard to lose weight.


Depending how this project goes I’m hoping to extend this into a longer period of time – having read Sarah Wilson’s I Quite Sugar to complete eliminate our reliance on Sugar will take approx 6-8 weeks. Now at this point I want to make something clear I am not in any way trying to be some kind of moral compass for what people should be eating or a health food convert. I am not looking to never eat a dessert or bar of chocolate again, god knows I love a sugar hit as much as the rest of you – I would just like to have more control over my NEED to have it.

So it is with some genuine fear and excitement that I begin 14 days sugar-free. It’s my intention to blog each day as a kind of diary to this project. So that my blog doesn’t get bogged down in sugar-free chat I’ll probably just keep updating one post each day, I’d hate to bore my lovely readers who are looking for delicious Glasgow food after all 🙂

Wish my luck guys! Eek!

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