Okay so before I start talking about Persia I want to make it known that I have never eaten Persian cuisine before, so I am only basing this review on what I thought of the food….I have no clue if this is how it’s supposed to be served. So if you are a big fan of Persian please don’t take this review as gospel.


I had no plans for dinner last night and nothing in the fridge so at about 5pm I got in the car and just decided to go grab some food with no thought on where I’d end up. After driving for a few mintues I managed to get a parking space on Great Western Road right outside Persia. This is somewhere I have been meaning to try since it opened late last year, it looked pretty empty so decided to give it a go.

Persian Great Western Road

The interior is pretty nice but nondescript, there were tables dotted around with really nice cream leather chairs and a few booths. My favourite feature was definitely the hookahs and tea pots on the wall. It is perfectly lovely surroundings for an early Saturday night bite.

Persian Great Western Road

The staff gave off a really odd mixed vibe – it took ages for them to come and take the order (even a drinks order) and later a bowl of ice cream and latte seemed to take forever to arrive. However once the food was ordered both the starter and the main arrived so fast,  probablywithin 3/4 minutes. Then after dessert and coffee they were super fast in getting us out the door. They were never rude and very helpful in suggesting dishes for me to try but quite stand offish.


Let’s talk food – I had never eaten any of these dishes before and have nothing to judge them against. To start with I went for the Dolmeh, which is grape leaves stuffed with rice, split peas, tarragon, parsley and coriander. It was 4 little parcels stuffed with a lovely paste made up of these ingredients, it was a really lovely starter and I would definitely order it again because it was so flavoursome.

Persian Great Western Road

For my main I considered a few options – the Salmon Plate, the Lamb Shank but in the end I was talking into trying the Ghaimeh Bademjaan – which is diced lamb with chana dal prepared with Persian cinnamon in a light tomato sauce with baby aubergine served with white Persian saffron rice. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this dish but it was okay – there was lots of Lamb but it was quite tough and chewy, the chana dal (similar to lentils) were lovely, there were lots of aubergine which were served in giant chunks (I left most of this). It was a pretty nice dish but not something I would order again. I also ordered a plain Nan, which was absolutely mammoth – I could have worn it as a hat! It was thin, crispy and pretty dry so there wasn’t much flavour. The chips were actually my favourite dish – they were frozen and had a sort of batter on them which was so good….due to my diet I could only indulge in a few.

Persian Great Western Road Main Course

Persian Great Western Road- Nan

Throughout the meal the desserts were on full display in the cabinet by the bar and holy moly they looked amazing – I have no clue what most of them were but they looked amazing. In the end I opted for the Persian Ice Cream as I didn’t want to go crazy on sugar, 1 word…YUM! The ice cream was flavoured with saffron, rosewater, lemon juice with pistachio pieces. It was tasty and creamy – fortunately I managed to resist indulging too much and only had one scoop.


Persian Great Western Road Ice Cream

All in all I probably wouldn’t go back here because I wasn’t that into it – however it is worth a try because it might be your thing.