The Left Bank

It’s Sunday and that can only mean 1 thing – Brunch!

Since my first trip to the West End I have had my eye on The Left Bank located in Gibson Street. Something about it looks so cool but friendly…..Stylish but inviting….West End Hipster but inclusive – basically it’s completely my style. Today finally after 8 months I got round to trying it out, and I am furious with myself that it has taken me so long because it was delicious.

Left Bank

Like I said everything about The Left Bank screams ‘this is when the cool kids hang out’ but not to the exclusion of families, west end loves and ladies meeting for lunch…this place feels like a really hub of our little community. Let me set the scene for you – there is huge windows looking out on to Gibson Street which lets in so much light ( I was lucky enough to be sat at a window table and loved it), there is lots of wood – on the walls, the floor and the tables and chairs. The tables are spaces quite far apart so you don’t feel like you are listening into other people’s chat! I loved it, the over all feeling was one of chilled out, spacey, Sunday morning haven.

The staff were fun, friendly and welcoming – we did wait quite a while for them to clear away the dessert plates but I didn’t mind because they looked run off their feet. Every member of staff had a smile for us which I always like.

Since it is the day of brunch I made my way straight to the brunch section of the impressive menu, it is extensive and interesting – including such delights as Grilled Banana Bread with homemade hazelnut spread (hello! – whoever thought of this deserves a pay rise!) Breakfast Ciabattas, Huevos Mexicanos – a mexican scrambled egg packed with peppers and chilli. yum..yum…..YUM! I was not to be tempted by any of these delights tho, instead I picked the Lebanese Breakfast.

The Lebanese Breakfast was sensational, it consisted of fried halloumi, shakshuka (spicy chickpeas ragout & baked egg) batata harra (potatoes sautéed with garlic, coriander and chilli) and warm toasted pitta. This dish sounds like it might be quite hot but it wasn’t at all it just had a really lovely warmth to it. The halloumi was excellent and the potatoes were the perfect accompaniment. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the shakshuka but it was a lovely little pot of morish ragout. I will definitely order this dish again.

I decided to break my sugar-free diet with a little treat and boy what a treat it was. I ordered the warm pecan and raspberry brownie served with berry coulis and mackies vanilla ice cream. It was utterly amazing – it was warm and fudgey and you could really taste the raspberry coming though in the brownie. It is incredibly rich so beware if you like a lighter dessert this is not the choice for you.

Love The Left Bank and will be going back again soon for both brunch and to try their evening menu.




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