Red Onion – Valentines Menu

Last Friday was the night of Luuurve throughout the land – in the spirit of romance myself and Mr Geek decided to make our way to The Red Onion on West Campbell Street to give their V-Day offerings a try.

Love Glasgow

I wasn’t sure what to expect of The Red Onion but it is actually quite large inside – it  is pleasant enough surroundings, there were simple wooden tables and booths dotted around the restaurant, I loved the exposed brick wall,the real open fire and the pictures of red onions on the wall.

Red Onion

There were a couple of pretty major niggles for me though with the surroundings – We were sat at a table by the door which was really dark, I mean really dark. Mr Geek was facing the window and commented quite a few times about the lighting ,I was facing into the restaurant so at least I was looking at a better lit room. Next thing – as I said table right by the door so the cold and draft coming in was freezing (it was snowing), I do appreciate that there is not a lot they can do about this and they have put a curtain round the door to try to block it. What annoyed me tho was there were other tables in the room further from the door for 2 that were never occupied the whole time we were there, I see no reason why we couldn’t have sat there. Lastly, I had a big pillar jammed into my side the entire time. Having said that the restaurant is lovely just I was at a pretty bad table – it happens and I wouldn’t let it put me off returning.

Once we were seated we were presented with 2 glasses of prosecco – we refused these as I was driving and Mr Geek doesn’t like it. We were then offered a soft drink, we both choose mineral water which was not added to the bill…a lovely touch I thought.

Even though I was slightly early the lovely waitress did allow me to eat from the Valentines a la carte menu rather than the early bird V-Day menu which is the one I liked the look of best. 

Red Onion Starter

Now the good part the food – for my starter I choose the Seafood cocktail with crab, tiger prawns, baby gem and spiced tomato dressing. it looked like a very delicate work of art when it arrived. It was really beautiful and light. The tiger prawns were given a generous coating of the spiced tomato dressing, they were juicy and so tasty. A really lovely starter which arrived about 3 minutes after I ordered it.

REd Onion Main Course

I can rarely pass up the offer of black pudding on a menu so my main could only be  the roast chicken breast with black pudding, braised curly kale with bacon and rosti potato cake. The positives first – the chicken was huge and cooked perfectly, the rosti  which is made in-house was sensational, it was crunchy on the outside with just the slightest bite to the potato inside. The negative for me was the black pud for me it should be soft and crumbly but they served it quite hard and almost crunchy. It’s a personal taste thing so not that big a deal.

Red Onion Brownie dessert

As soon as I clocked the desserts I knew what I was going to have the hot chocolate brownie with honeycomb ice cream. Amazeballs is the word to describe this dish, the home-made hot brownie was gooey and fugdey  and accompanied by a lovely big dollop of local ice-creamers Thontonhall Ice cream. Outstanding dessert and everyone should try a Red Onion brownie at least once in their life.

All in all a really nice meal, we weren’t shoved out the door like you would be in some restaurants on valentines night. I will definitely go back to try the full a la carte menu so I can give you guys a full review, based on last night I am sure it will be positive.

The Red onion

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