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Today we have something a little different for the blog, a few weeks back I was contacted by the Hospitality Manager at M&S asking me if I would like to come in to see the new menus that have been introduced at the various eating spots at M&S in Braehead. As you know I don’t accept the very generous and kind offers from restaurants to come and dine for free unless it is a special bloggers event, but I am not going to lie the fact that M&S Braehead (somewhere I hadn’t been in about 5 years) had 3…yes THREE places you could eat I was intrigued and graciously I accepted the very kind offer. Rest assured tho these are my honest 100% unfiltered views and this will not become a regular thing.M&S The Deli

Located at the back of the food hall is the main eating spot in M&S Braehead, the Deli. When I first clapped eyes on the Deli with it’s American style eating counter my immediate thought was this would definitely be a ladies who lunch spot at the weekend, this is a compliment by the way not an insult. I could imagine popping in with a few of my girlfriends and ordering a few glasses of Champagne and the Seafood platter while chatting the afternoon away.

Latte at M&S

While sitting at the bar I must admit I forgot I was in the middle of a shop. It is very easy just to enjoy your food and forget what’s going on around you. It was however a quite Monday morning at 10am so it was a pretty chilled back area to hang out and have a sandwich and coffee. However, I am not so sure it would have the same vibe on a Saturday afternoon. Having spoken to a few members of staff they did say it could get crazy at the weekends with sometime lines forming to get a seat.

OJ at M&S Braehead

The really really clever thing for me about The Deli was literally every single things on the menu you can turn round and by from the store which I completely love, even the fresh meats come from the in-house deli counter…..I didn’t even know Markies had a deli counter.

M&S Cake Platter

Now the best bit..the food! The menus were great – I got to have a look at the breakfast and lunch menus which both had some seriously tempting dishes. The first thing I noticed as a dieting girl was that the menus had calorie information, very helpful! In the end I decided to try the Chicken and smoked bacon ciabatta sandwich which was served with hand cooked salt and cracked black pepper crisps. The sandwich was really lovely it was freshly made and so tasty. It’s worth noting that the sandwich itself is massive, you could easily just order a couple of portions of chips and share the sandwich between 2.

M&S chicken and bacon sandwich

The lovely girls who were working in the Deli also let me try the Seafood Platter which looked beautiful…I am not going to lie I could scoff the entire platter myself, I did have a little sample of the pate and salmon and it was delish. Frankly I would expect nothing less of Markies products as they are always of a high standard.

M&S Seafood platter

My favourite dish though was probably the 8oz Aberdeen Angus 28 day aged steak sandwich served on a ciabatta with caramalised onions and rocket…it was utterly magnificent! The steak was cooked perfectly and the caramelised onion was just sweet enough. If I had one slight niggle it would be that I probably couldn’t eat even a half of the sandwich because the steak is so big and thick on the roll….tasted gorgeous tho!

M&S Steak Sandwich

I loved the food so much that I popped by the deli counter on the way out and picked up some stuff for dinner which I can’t wait to try – just so there is no confusion I did pay for all the items I got from the deli counter.

It’s a shame that this has not been on my radar until now because I really enjoyed it and will absolutely definitely go back for lunch…probably not on a weekend or the month of December when M&S is always jumping, but I will in the not to distant future suggest that we pop out to Braehead and do a wee spot of shopping in the large Monsoon and Next then grab some lunch from the Deli. Well worth popping in guys to give it a try 🙂

Just so you know I was allowed to sample some food for free, I was neither asked for nor guaranteed that I would write a post either positive or negative about how I found it. Thankfully I found the food really tasty so I have only nice things to say 🙂




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