West End Festival

Last year before I was a legit West End girl I spent one of my favourite days at my first ever West End Parade. There was a really magical quality about the day – the sun was not just shining it was glorious, everything seemed brighter, everyone’s smile was just a little wider and the world just felt like a more beautiful place. We walked among the stalls, ate fantastic burgers, drank freshly made lemonade andscoffed cupcakes. It was an amazing day and I am more  than a little jazzed about the arrival of this years West End Festival.

Pammi WEF

As an addition to the main parade on Sunday 8th of June there is a whole host of fun events to participate in during the festival which runs from the 1st – 29th of June.  A few of the events I am most looking forward to include Improv Wars at The Stand, a guided walk called The Quirky West End and the Vintage Tea Dance which is being organised by cake superstars Cushion & Cake.  However the things I am most excited about is the Gibson Street Gala on the 1st of June – you guys know that I am a bit of a Gibson Street Gal so this is totally my hood! I love all the wonderful  restaurants and coffee shops in this lovely little street and I can’t wait to see what they all have lined up on the day.

In my 20’s I wasn’t really big on community spirit but I have found in my little corner of this amazing city that I am obnoxiously excited about my little area and love supporting all the local businesses….which is why I am nearly giddy about the Gala.

There is so much already lined up for the day, I am looking forward to browsing the artists work in the ArtFusion area where there will be DJ’s playing on street to set a cool soundtrack to the artists work. Here is a fantastic video from the Gibson Street Gala YouTube page showing you what you can expect from the ArtFusion area….looks awesome right?

There will be tons of stall to browse including everything from cakes and sweet treats to jewellery, bags and photography. While browsing and buying lovely little things you can enjoy music from local bands and singers on one of the many stages  set up for local performers – including the main stage located on Gibson Street, the community stage on Park Road where I am looking forward to seeing St Silas Community Choir. The act I am most excited to see however is the super cute Inveroran who are a Glasgow folk group, they will be performing on the GOW backcourt stage.

Naturally it’s the food that has my interest piqued the most – obviously! We can expect lots of on street food and drinks from my personal favourite The Richmond, The Left Bank, Stravigain, Artisan Roast, Off Shore and Veldt to name just a few. In fact if you are looking for me on the day I’m sure you will find me loitering by The Richmond with an Aviator cocktail in hand 🙂

I am looking out my prettiest day dress already in anticipation of a scorcher – lets keep our fingers crossed.

Here are a few of my snaps from last years West End Parade to get you in the party mood!



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