Ideal Home Show Scotland Bloggers Day

For those of you who follow me on Twitter you will have seen by my numerous tweets at the weekend that I was an official blogger at the Ideal Home Show Scotland – Sorry for the crazy tweets I was just having a really fun day.

In the morning we were treated to a few samples from some of the food stalls, which resulted in me drinking Cairn o Mhor Strawberry wine out of a Dennis the Menace mug and eating Heck sausages and Ramsey of Carluke yummy treats at 10.30am…I’m a classy chick like that! These were so delicious that I made a bee line straight for these stall to purchase wine & sausages. In fact I will let you into a little secret I am guzzling a large glass of Strawberry wine as I write this post 🙂

We were also treated to a talk from the stylish Sara the interior design manager at Sterling Furniture. She walked us through the stand at the show and talked to us about trends and features for the coming year. For those of you who are interested it appears to be silvers and grey’s that are on trend, which I loved and also cool wallpapers. A few things were confirmed to me during this talk  – first Sara told us that us Glasgow Gals like our glam and are much more bling than our gorgeous east coast neighbours, secondly that when I buy a flat next year I am 100% definitely hiring an interior designer.

My favourite part of the day tho was stopping by the STV app stand to have a chat with the lovely ladies manning the stall. I absolutely love the STV app and the guys there always give me so many shout outs that I wanted to say thanks personally. I ended up standing with the beautiful Katherine setting the world to rights (and learning about the new STV Glasgow Channel) for quite a while.

I had a lovely day browsing the stalls and buying treats. Here is a gallery of my favourite pictures from the day….In case you can’t work it out by the pictures I have a serious love of feature chairs.