Pommes Frites

I have been in love with Belgian fries or Pommes Frites ever since my first visit to Luxembourg in the very very early 90’s. At the time it was the most exotic food in the world…skinny chips served in little cardboard tubs with a separate little cup for mayonnaise….mayonnaise?…with chips?? what? My little 10 year old brain was nearly ready to explode. When they presented they first box to me with a little colourful plastic fork I nearly keeled over with the sheer wonder of it all. For the whole 2 weeks I insisted on Pommes Frites in the local town at least once a day, twice if my Dad was feeling generous (or hungry). And so my love with the Belgians and their crazy mayo and chips began.

So you can imagine my sheer delight when a few weeks ago I spotted a new frontage appear on Sauchiehall Street for a new eating spot call Pommes Frites. Promising us fries with 20 different seasonings and 20 different sauces to choose from to customise them – I was a tizzy with excitement.

Pommes Frites Menu

As you can imagine I raced down there opening day to try out these twice fried little bites of wonder.

The inside can only be described as a wooden wonderland, there is a wooden huge counter which takes up most of the shop with wooden & exposed brick walls. The shop is quite small so during busy periods it will be a bit on the cramped side and with only 3 stools and a small ledge at the window this is definitely a take away.

Once placing your order the servers make up your order by tossing your fries with the seasoning in a huge bowl to ensure they are all well coated. The fries are then served in a paper cone and smothered in the sauce of your choosing.

On my first of many visits I choose the Garlic & Parmesan seasoning with the Mango Chutney Mayo – It was OMG good! The fries are big and twice fried to perfection, they are soft on the inside and crispy, crunchy perfection on the outside. The seasoning was perfect and the mayo was creamy and luxurious.

A few words of warning – if you are in a big group they make up the orders one at a time so there could be a delay between your order coming out. The second thing to watch out for is that you get loads of sauce but remember to dig down to the lower fries to ensure that you aren’t left with fries and no sauce – because the sauce is so good.

Pommes Frites

Fantastic addition to Sauchiehall Street and I am already wondering what the polite length of time is to wait until my next visit.



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