Meat – The Smoked Pig Event

Last night I was invited along to Little Urban Achievers Club on Great Western Road by Group Head Chief extraordinary John Traynor to a special event called Meat – The Smoked Pig. The evening is designed to test drive and showcase  some new dishes for their smoked menu – with a 5 course taster menu!! Being a big fan of all things Pig I immediately jumped at the chance to scamper down to LUCA to give it a try.


I was seated at without a doubt the best table in the house along with some of Glasgow’s best and funniest bloggers, I knew regardless of how the food tasted we were going to have a good time….fortunately the food was outstanding. Awaiting us on the tables when we arrived were boxes of Smoked Pork Scratchings and a cool complimentary bottle of special edition Innis & Gunn beer. I am not a huge beer fan so I set about the pork scratchings and Mr Geek set about the beers – it was a trade I was happy with. The scratchings were a fantastic combination of brain rattling hard chewy ones and light crispy scratchings. They were in fact so good that I munched my way through 2 and a half boxes before I even realised…woops!

LUAC Meat The Smoked Pig Beer and Scratchings

LUAC Meat The Smoked Pig Scratchings

Next up we were presented with tin mugs full of Smoked Pig Cheek Broth accompanied with pots of smoked bread…yes, smoked bread! Why this has never existed in my lift before last night I have no idea. The broth was incredible, it was flavoursome and full of beautiful chunks of pig cheek which fell apart easily. This was one of my favourite dishes.

smoked bread and pig cheek broth

Brought to the table next were Jalapeno Poppers, there were 2 different poppers to try one stuffed with smoked in-house cheese which I took a tiny bit of and passed on to Mr Geek because it was way too hot for me. The other popper was full of ham hock, this one I woofed down, the ham hock was really moreish and tasted delicious.

This was followed by a huge pork feast tasting platter. Then our individual platters arrived it didn’t look that big but it was so much food. On the platter we had Pulled Pork, Sweet & Sour Ribs, Loin of Pork, Pig Burger, Ham Hock Croquettes & Sweet Potato Fries…phew see what I mean? Lots of meat. Stand outs for me on the platter were without doubt the Ham Hock Croquettes which were out of this world, the best croquettes I’ve ever eaten. I also loved the pulled pork

which was so tasty and melted in the mouth. Special mention has to go to the tasty ribs which were so tender the meat fell clean off the bone using just the back of my fork.

Lastly we were treated to a Bacon and Raspberry Doughnut, which was a lovely little salty sweet hit at the end of this meat feast. The doughnut its self didn’t have a crazy strong meaty taste it just have a lovely after taste of salty goodness.

I can’t wait for this menu to go live hopefully in early August, the slight delay is due to another special tasting event on the 4th of August called Meat – The Smoked Chicken & Egg. Where they will test drive  some more dishes before finalizing the Smoked menu. We were all so impressed with last nights menu that we immediately booked a table for the Chicken night which is going to be a bargain £25 for 6 mammoth courses.

As with all new menus after a tasting night I am sure there will be little tweaks and changes but regardless of John’s changes if they are of the standard of smoked deliciousness we experienced last night you’ll be in for a treat.

Just so there is no confusion I did get my meal for free but paid for Mr Geeks meal and our drinks (except the beer) but this post is 100% my true feelings about the meal. We will also be paying in full for the Chicken event in August.



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