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I find writing negative posts so uninspiring. I love telling you about the amazing places I find but when I find someplace I don’t like I never want to write the post. I feel however that if I am going to write about the good places I also have to write about the bad. Unfortunately this is such a post…

A few weeks ago I was most excited to be going to see Katy Perry in concert at the Hydro. My mum and I decided to book a table at Yen to eat before going to the concert, they were on my Hot 100 list and I thought this was a great opportunity to try them out.

I prefix everything I am about the say by the fact that I understand that I visited on a busy night but let’s be honest 4/5 nights a week it will be the same environment with concert goers booking tables.


Located in the rotunda which felt a bit like a department store for restaurants and is best described as a pack em’ in style place. It was ridiculously noises, it felt like Pizza Hut on a Saturday afternoon and not a nice relaxed atmosphere, it actually felt really awkward and from the minute I entered the restaurant I just wanted to leave. There isn’t really much more to say about it that’s that.

We dealt with no fewer than 5 members of staff and the only one to engage us in any kind of chat or show any kind of warmth was the host. We weren’t even asked if we enjoyed the meal when we were finished the plates were just cleared away without a word. It also took 15 minutes before someone came to take our order, even for drinks.

Yen Menu

As I wanted to get out ASAP I asked for my starter to be delivered with my main. I went for the Yaki Gyoza which was grilled Japanese chicken dumplings containing pak choi, mushrooms & spinach. For my main I decided to try the Japanese wok fried noodle dish which consisted of soba noodles, mixed vegetables, a Japanese sauce and I opted to include chicken.

Yen Wok Dish

The food arrived reasonably quickly as you would expect in that kind of set up –  it was average, perfectly edible and tasted nice enough but again I just wanted to finish it and leave so didn’t relax and enjoy it. My Mum wasn’t crazy about her food and commented that it was greasy and overly sweet.

Yen Gyoza

The bill was brought pretty swiftly we paid and left immediately. My Mum never even managed to leave the building before she was sick in their bathroom…and no she wasn’t drinking!

On a positive note Katy Perry was fabulous!

yen score card




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