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Alston Bar & Beef

You know when you are in a restaurant trying to enjoy a delicious  meal and there is a group of drunk women, they laugh obnoxiously loudly and they yell at the top of their voices about most annoying things. I hate those women and find myself rolling my eyes at them all the time. Well last night in Alston Bar & Beef there were 2 women who were so irritating and I feel I should apologise to everyone who dinned there because  last night we were those women….woops. If it makes you feel any better I am seriously suffering today.

Half way to drunk

Since I first heard about this new Beef & Gin bar opening under Central Station (yes under!) I have been desperate to try it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make their opening night but heard such good things that I immediately booked a table and last night I had an amazing night trying this new spot.


cool stairs at Alston

Alston is right up there with some of the hippest bars in Glasgow. The door is located just inside the Gordon Street entrance of Central Station, and when I say a door I mean literally there is a door and that is it. You descend down what surely must be the coolest stairs in the city in to what feels like a prohibition style hidden club. The vibe in the restaurant is contemporary industrial style chic with lovely tunnel shaped rooms,exposed brick walls painted white, really lovely tiled floors and exposed pipes along the roof. In the bar there are some seriously cool decanter lights, in fact the whole lighting design is very clever it’s intimate but feels well-lit and airy.

decanter Lights

Picture from the Alston Facebook Page

The staff were brilliant, our waiter was on hand with lots of suggestions and recommendations which I always enjoy – I like waiting staff that know the food and are excited about it. They were attentive and  super fast. I couldn’t fault them. I really loved that the plates are all printed with the Alston logo and each plate that was set in front of  us had the logo at the top of the plate facing us…it’s the little things that make me happy.

The menu at Alston was absolutely up my street, it is full of tempting dishes along with an assortment of steaks, sauces and sides to choose from. I chose to start with the beef & roquefort croquette served with horseradish cream. The food arrived reasonably quickly the portion size wasn’t huge but it was beautiful, it was light and fluffy and so incredibly tasty, the horseradish cream just added the smallest hint of heat which was perfect. A special mention has to go to the bread which came with Mr Geeks soup, they had toasted it lightly on an oiled grill which gave it a slightly meaty smoked taste, it was amazing.


For my main I went for a medium sirloin with garlic & sage butter and sides of  sweet potato fries and a house salad. Only one word is needed to describe my steak…. Perfection! As good a steak as I’ve had in the city. It was cooked exactly right for me and was so flavoursome, the butter came in a separate little pot which I loved because I don’t like it all melted over the steak. The house salad was full of lovely little treats like beetroot, mini gherkins and peas. The sweet potato fries were delicious and really well seasoned. My meal was incredible and I could rave about it for days.

Even after all that food we still had room for dessert, the waiter suggested that we try the crumbed pear with creme anglaise, my friends Louise and Stuart both took him up in his recommendation but I was not to be tempted away from trying the chocolate tart with mascapone & raspberries. My dish was luscious, the tart was thick and short which was filled with a dark, bitter and creamy goo, this was perfect with the raspberry infused mascapone. It was incredible. Stuart let me try a little bit of his pear which I am happy to say lived up to our waiters hype.

By this point in the evening Louise and I had polished off a bottle of Rose and 2 signature gin cocktails each and were feeling no pain. Word of warning it is a pretty pricey, not ridiculous but it is worth looking at the menu before you book. We had a wonderful evening and I can not wait to visit again soon.

Alston Bar & Beef latte

Two very large Geek thumbs up Alston!

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