The Living Room

The Living Room which is located on St Vincent Street and is a little hidden in the business/office heavy district of the city. The decor is fairly cool and modern with comfortable booths stretching along the large windows facing on to the street. We were seated in the bar area and never saw the restaurant so can’t comment but I liked the bar area and would definitely go there for drinks.

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We only dealt with 1 member of staff who was helpful and friendly.

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The menu was large and I liked the look of lots of dishes on it including about 6 or 7 meals in their calorie controlled sections. With it being a chain restaurant I would imagine that the menu would be the same in all of their venues. After much discussion we decided that we would opt for 2 courses – Mr Geek choose from their Supper Club menu which runs Mon – Wed 5pm to close & Thurs – Fri 5pm -7pm which offers 2 courses for £11.95. I however opted from the a la carte menu because I wanted to have a calorie controlled salad.

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To start with I choose the Cured Salmon with rye bread and wasabi créme fraiche. The dish was presented beautifully however for £6.95 it was quite a small portion. I had a couple of issues with my dish – the bread was toasted foccacia which was served with the salmon, which is fine but it’s not what I ordered so I feel it has to be mentioned. Also in the bowl type thing that the salmon was served in there was a dollop of créme fraiche and a really weird liquid – so the créme fraiche went all yucky and just turned the liquid a milky white.

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For my main I ordered the TLR Caesar Salad which consisted of Gressingham chicken breast, romaine lettuce, 1/2 boiled egg and bacon bits. There was lots of nice large pieces of chicken and what looked like toasted in-house croutons. I liked that I was asked if I wanted the egg soft or hard. I also asked for my dressing on the side with came in a little pot and was quite tasty – A perfectly respectable salad. The food was nothing super exciting but pleasant enough.

Honestly I probably wouldn’t rush back for food, if someone suggested dinner there I would certainly happily go but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

The Living Room