My Week in Pictures #13

Wow! What a week it has been in the sun this week. I always think that Glasgow is at its most beautiful in the sun and the snow. I have seen way more peely wally male chest and teenage midriffs this week than any sane person should have to deal with but with the sun shining even that hasn’t bothered me . Fingers cross for months of beautiful sunny days!

This week is actually my blogs birthday or my Blogaversary as I like to think of it. Look out on twitter and facebook for competitions to win a meal for 2 at the lovely Curlers Rest, a £30 voucher for Bread Meats Bread and 2 burgers and 2 white Russians at Lebowskis – Great prizes, right? Also, I am going to be posting a wee blog called the Geek Awards, this is basically a list of my favourite restaurants and meals from my first year food blogging.

Have a great week kids!


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