Friday Foodie Fives – Best Dessert in Glasgow

Here is a new little blog feature for you – Friday Foodie Fives! The 5 top somethings in Glasgow. I can’t promise you will get one every Friday but I am going to do my best. Here is my first effort – Desserts obviously!

Few things in life get me more excited than a good dessert, be it chocolate, fruit, crumble, ice cream or cake it’s the part of a meal we all look forward to most. Here is my compilation of the top 5 Glasgow spots to get your dessert on!

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For my money the best dessert in Glasgow can be found at The Richmond – The Chocolate & Mascarpone Samosa, when I tell people about this dessert this is how I describe it…a sweet churro and filo pastry hybrid love child filled with warm gooey glorious nutella. This is an absolute taste sensation and well worth the bargain £4.50 price tag.

Next best in my opinion is the tiramisu found at Glasgow institution Don Costanzo which is the best tiramisu I have ever had. It’s the perfect ratio blend of coffee, fresh cream and sponge with just the lightest touch of chocolate, which usually comes accompanied by some world class banter from Costanzo himself. A very reasonable £5.00 for a huge chunk of heaven.

Banana Tempura Nanakusa

Nanakusa do the most amazing Banana Tempura, now don’t confuse this with a banana fritter which you would get in your local Chinese…this is so much more. The batter is light and super crispy and the banana is fried to perfection, it is soft and gooey while maintaining a nice bite. This desert is incredible and only £4.50

2014-04-14 19.09.43

My fourth pick comes from new kid on the block Cubatas with their Arroz con Leche, ‘what in the world is that?’ I hear you ask…well this is the Spanish version of home-made rice pudding. Normally it is the very last thing I would every order but it’s so good, served cold and infused with citrus flavours it is a must try in my opinion.

How about a little curve ball for my last entry? If you don’t want to waste time with a meal and want to get straight to the sweet stuff you should visit Gelateria Zanoni in the merchant city where you will find a huge selection of luscious Equis Ice creams to concoct your customized sundaes, warm  sweet waffles and huge slabs of creamy tempting cheesecakes.


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  • girlaroundglasgow
    July 4, 2014 at 9:56 am

    I drove past Gelataria Zanoni a week or so ago but it looked like it had shut down? It may have just been closed that day but it looked shut 🙁

    • Glasgow Food Geek
      July 4, 2014 at 10:00 am

      Oh no! That’s not good news at all. I passed not that long ago and it was open. I do know that they don’t open until later in the day so let’s hope it was just that cause it’s an amazing wee ice cream parlour

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