Cosmo Blog Awards – I Need Your Vote

Firstly guys thank you so much!

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Due to your votes and sharing the link with your friends I have unbelievable been short listed as a finalist for Best Food Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. To say I was shocked is a complete understatement. So here I am again begging for your votes! The winner is decided 50% by the public vote and 50% by the Cosmo judging panel.
Cosmo Blogger Awards 2014
Voting tho is slightly more complicated this time as you need to nominate a blog in each of the 15 categories – I understand that this is time-consuming for you guys. So PLEASE believe me when I say that I would truly thankful if you could find it in your gorgeous big hearts to vote for me
If you guys can share this with your friends and family and basically everyone you’ve ever met I would really really appreciate it as every vote counts. Just remember to tell them that in the Best Food Blog category they should definitely click on GLASGOW FOOD GEEK!!!
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I should also say at this point that I apologise in advance for bugging you all over the next few months to vote for me. Try to look at is as charmingly persistent rather than constantly annoyingly 🙂
I don’t expect to win but I am just so excited to be short listed and to go to the super swanky award ceremony in London.
Thanks so much guys – YOU ARE FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

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