Friday Foodie Fives – Glasgow’s Best Brunch

My favourite meal of the week is without doubt brunch. There are a few reasons for this – I think first and foremost it’s because I like eating breakfast treats at any time of the day. I also love it because I’m lazy and often sleep late so brunch is actually breakfast for me. Lastly being a child of the 80s also makes me a member of Generation Sex and the City, this being the first TV show that introduced me to the concept of brunch. There is a small piece of me (okay, okay, a large piece of me) that likes to pretend I’m off out to meet the gals from Sex and the City to chat about boys and shoes over eggs and coffee.

Brunch - The Richmond

My absolute go to place for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both days) is The Richmond. It’s chilled out and peaceful on a weekend morning and full of like-minded westenders who just want to be peaceful and enjoy some delicious food while reading the paper (on their tablets naturally). My favourite dish here is the Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon with a side order of sweet potato wedges. They make a great latte and the Sunday staff are awesome and always have time to stop by our table for a chat.

lebanese breakfast - Left Bank

Next on my go to brunch stops is Left Bank on Gibson Street, the vibe for brunch is quite chilled out but it is usually a little busier and I’ve seen people turned away who didn’t have a booking. My favourite dish here is the Lebanese Breakfast which is fantastic for something a little different. They also do Grilled banana bread with home-made hazelnut chocolate spread…..I don’t think I need to say anymore than that. Yum!

Breakfast Sliders - Genius

Next brunch spot is a bit of a newbie menu – In fact it was launched just last weekend. The new brunch menu at Dram! On Woodland Rd is totally genius – it’s packed with freshly made pancakes & waffles, breakfast baguette, breakfast burritos and mini breakfast sliders on brioche buns….these are seriously tasty. When I chatted to the chef when I was in there was even talk of introducing a brunch platter which would have a little of everything. This spot is ideal if you’re looking for something a little different for brunch. I can highly recommend the utterly delicious pancakes.


Next in my brunch tour would have to be Stravaigin. This spot is a little more loud and buzzy on a weekend morning with the tables filling up really fast. This iconic west end bars brunch has to be experienced, in fact it was where I ate my first brunch as a west end girl. It’s usually pretty fast and they make a first class hot chocolate. I would recommend the door stop sized French toast with scrumptious thick smoked back bacon and maple syrup.

Cake Crazy

My last choice would  be Epicures of Hyndland, again somewhere that fills up quite fast on a weekend so it’s another full on place for brunch being noisy and people buzzing about. The brunch here is really tasty but what makes this my last choice is the opportunity to enjoy a selection of their made in-house cakes. I am a happy geek indeed when they have the pecan pie on the menu because for me it’s the best I’ve ever had.

I can’t wait for my brunch this weekend – I wonder where I’ll try 🙂

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