Friday Foodie Fives – Glasgows Most Stylish Restaurants

It’s a well-known fact that the people of the west coast are an uber stylish bunch or as I like to think of us – the Glasgow Glamazon Gang. We enjoy the finer things in life, we dress up to go shopping on a saturday, we believe that hair tongs are for life not just a Saturday night and that heels were definitely made for stomping in.

Glasgow is as stylish as cities get, whether you are a Partick Hipster, A Merchant Glamourpuss or a  West End Designer Princess we all like to eat in the coolest and most stylish places in the city. Please though when reading my top 5 picks don’t confuse stylish with stuck up and stuffy because that’s now what us Glaswegians roll – we’re cool, laid back and chilled, and we definitely don’t like to feel out-of-place or looked down on in restaurants.

If you are looking for somewhere chic and delicious to dine out this weekend here are my top picks.


My first choose would be the court-yard area of Ubiquitoius Chip on Ashton Lane, which feels in the evening like you’re eating in a secret magical enchanted garden. With its cobbled stone floor, beautiful art work on the walls and twinkely lights….it’s perfect. I also love that the tables are all really far apart so you can’t hear other people’s conversations. I am not sure if it is that outdoors indoors feeling it has or the fact that you know you are going to be fed some of the best food in Glasgow but the Chip has an amazing vibe.


My next pick is the wonderful new kid on the block The Hutcheson on Ingram Street. I have a small confession to make I have only been into a very small part of the building (the Cafe) but based on that and the entrance way the decor and vibe in the restaurant is exceptional. It was like dining on board the Titanic, the restoration work done in this amazing old building is gorgeous and it feels really special. I can’t wait to go back and try the dining room on a Saturday night.

Alston Bar & Beef Interios

I have yet another newbie pick for you – The Alston Bar & Beef  located underneath Central Station. Now this may sound like a bizarre place to open a restaurant but only one word can be used to describe Alston, Cool! You descend down what surely must be the coolest stairs in the city in to what feels like a prohibition style hidden club. The vibe in the restaurant is contemporary industrial style chic with lovely tunnel shaped rooms,exposed brick walls painted white, really lovely tiled floors and exposed pipes along the roof. In the bar there are some seriously cool decanter lights, in fact the whole lighting design is very clever it’s intimate but feels well-lit and airy.

Cail Bruich

Cail Bruich on Great Western Road is my next suggestion. The feel inside is really lovely, it’s warm and welcoming and felt like I was dining in a friends front room which I kind of loved. It’s very spacious with lots of room between tables so you don’t feel like you are on top of each other, which makes a nice change from some restaurants. A fantastic relaxed vibe where the feel of friendly approachable luxury is in air.


My last pick would have to be the Blythswood Square Hotel which is the ultimate in Glasgow for glamorous drinking and dining. The interior of the hotel is amazing –  its ultra stylish & fabulous….think sexy lighting, beautiful intimate Saloon bar for pre-dinner cocktails, amazing reception area and ornate staircase. It really is a spectacular hotel and one of the city’s most stylish restaurants.






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  • Cakehounds
    July 25, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Hi Pam! We love Ubiquitous Chip – an old favourite of ours with lots of good memories. Great post as it has given us loads of ideas where to take people on more special occasions 🙂

    Lindsay from Cakehounds

    • Glasgow Food Geek
      July 25, 2014 at 4:55 pm

      Hi girls, glad to be of assistance. The chip is amazing. It’s hard to pick only 5 places I could of easily picked 15. 🙂 xx

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