Friday Foodie Fives – Best Chips in Glasgow

I LOVE CHIPS! Like really really love good chips. I never understand people who in a restaurant never order a side of chips if they don’t come with their meals, I think it is the most bizarre thing in the world. I don’t need a huge portion but I like a couple of chips with my meal if I am out eating….chunky, skinny, hand cut, triple fried, double fried, sweet potato, crinkle cut, wedges…on and on it goes and I adore them all. You name it if there is a chunk of starchy carbs which has been cut and fried to perfection I want a bowl of them.

A good chip isn’t that hard to produce…when I used to have a fryer I could produce them at home, so it shocks me still to this day how many places still use frozen chips (skinny fries excluded obviously from that comment). Restaurants of Glasgow there is never an excuse for bad chip…ever!

Here is my round-up of the hottest spots in Glasgow to find the most delicious chips.

Bread Meats Bread - Launch Night

Poutine - Bread Meats Bread

When it comes to chips one of my top picks has to be Bread Meats Bread for not one but two of their chip offering. The Sweet Potato Fries are like a gift from the god, they are golden, crunchy, sweet and so moreish. The best sweet potato fries in the city for sure. I also love the Poutine on offer in BMB…if you’ve never heard of this dish you need to shimmy on down and order a portion of delicious freshly cooked chips topped with cheese curds and beef gravy – sounds disgusting but tastes amazing.



The Hand Cut Chips on offer in The Drake are insanely good, they are fat chunky slices of golden perfection. The Drake is my local and it is not unheard of for me to pop in there in the evening just for a large glass of Rose and a bowl of chips. Every time I eat there I  always ordered a portion and they are consistently fantastic.  Unusually for me I love mayo with these chips – I am normally very much a ketchup girl if I am having sauce but definitely worth trying with mayo if you pop in.

Pommes Frites portion

For some thing a little different I adore Pommes Frites who specialise in twice cooked Belgian Fries. The chips themselves are crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle and totally delicious. To me what makes these chips extra tasty is that you can choose from a number of seasoning and sauce options to customise your order. The sauces and seasoning can be extremely hot so ask to try some before you commit to your selection, my favourite combo so far is the Garlic & Parmesan seasoning with the Mango Chutney Mayo  – it’s so good!


My next choice would have to be the chips on offer at Kelvingrove Cafe, these fries are OMG good. They are gorgeously golden and I have no idea how the cook them but they have almost a nutty slight greasy oily taste – but in the best way. Without doubt one of the best chips I’ve ever had, they are so incredibly tasty. It’s well worth a visit to the Cafe just for a portion of these incredible fried nuggets.

Salt and Chilli Chips - Amber Byres Road

My last chip offering is something a little more spicy! The Salt and Chilli Chips from The Amber Restaurant are wonderful. The chips themselves have crispy batter like coating but stay soft on the inside. Once cooked the chips are  tossed in fried onions and chillies giving them just right hint of head without being ridiculously fiery. I quite like the food from The Amber but the truth is that it is these chips which keep me going back here for  my takeaways.


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  • raddledoldtart
    September 10, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Can recommend the polenta(!) chips from Cafezique, 66 Hyndland St, Glasgow, G11 5PT

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