Foodies Festival 2014

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along as an official blogger to the Foodies Festival at Inverleith Park in Edinburgh. As some of my family live in the ‘Burgh we decided to make it a family affair and all pop along for the day. Having followed the twitter feed on the Friday I was more that a little apprehensive at the reports of Thunder and lightning. Thankfully as we arrived at the Park I was more than delighted to see blue skies appear with promises of a beautiful day.

Foodies Festival Edinburgh

When we arrived at the park I collected my Bloggers Badge and made my way to the registration desk to try to get in to see Adam Handling who I have the biggest food crush on, unfortunately after queuing for a few minutes we were informed that all the masterclasses were fully booked…so we contented ourselves with soaking up the good vibes and eating delicious foods.

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We decided that we didn’t want to leave the Puppy at home all day by himself so we took him along with us – if we were stopped once we were stopped about 30-40 times for people to give him cuddles and chat to us about him. He was absolutely brilliant and was the star of the show without a shadow of a doubt. Although he was walked off his little paws and slept the whole way home. So if you were at the event on Saturday and stopped to chat to a wee cav pup called Leo I was part of his entourage 🙂

I had lots of highlights from the show which I really enjoyed, Here are just a few standouts…

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Finding the fantastic Cracking Cookies who make really amazing Fortune Cookies was a big highlight. I am that weird girl in Chinese restaurants who really loves to eat fortune cookies – I know I am weird! This amazing Blantyre based company make a gorgeous range of cookies in a variety of delicious flavours including Apple Pie, Raspberry, Honey & Vanilla and Chocolate. If you are having an event you can even write your own fortunes which they will make into cookies for you…next time I have any kind of event I am definitely having these, I loved them.

2014-08-09 18.04.33

My next awesome find was the tempura Soft Shell Crab from Mark Greenway at Bistro Modern..this was my dish of the day. It was incredible, the crab was juicy and so flavoursome and the tempura was light and the sauce was perfection. I have been meaning to try out Bistro modern for ages and this has just reinforced that I need to have this place at the top of my Edinburgh list.

2014-08-09 17.58.10



2014-08-09 17.56.47

There were a couple of fresh marshmallow stalls – Tipsy Mallows and The Marshmallow Lady who were both selling a range of tasty and tempting mallow. I ended up choosing an incredible Peanut Butter and Chocolate mallow from Tipsy Mallows and an amazing Oreo Mallow from The Marshmallow Lady. Both incredibly tasty and very imaginative flavours, definitely worth checking out.

2014-08-09 18.02.05

I am not going to lie my top moment of the day other than going a little FanGirl when I spotted Adam Handling in the VIP tent, but was way too shy to ask for a picture, despite him tweeting me to tell me to come over for a picture…eek! Was my fresh coconut water drink from Shocka’s Coconut Hub which was cut open fresh in front of you, then presented with 2 straws and an umbrella (all drinks should come with an umbrella in my opinion) I look like a dumpling carrying about a coconut but had the best time and it tasted wonderful.

I had a fantastic day and really hope that it comes back to Scotland next year and will hopefully add a Glasgow date to their tour.

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