Friday Foodie Fives – West End Latte stops

I thought this was an apt foodie fives this week, as I has a very stressful start to my week and chugged through gallons of the stuff.

Something you should know about me – I am not a coffee snob! I just like a good latte, I don’t care where the beans were roasted, what country they’re from and what the exact temperature of the milk is. In all honesty I find it all a bit overwhelming – cold brew, fresh press, aeropress, siphon, drip coffee…it’s all so confusing. All I am bothered about is that latte tastes good.

My drink of choice used to be a large skinny caramel latte, but when I went sugar-free earlier this year I started drinking coffee with no sweetener.  As you can imagine it now really matters that the beans are of a good quality since it’s not hidden under a layer of sugar anymore. With that in mind these are my picks for my favourite coffee stops in the west!

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My favourite go to spot for a latte is Beanscene on Woodlands Road. It may be because they’re my closest coffee shop, but let’s be honest you can throw a stone in the west end and you’ll hit another coffee place. It’s my favourite because they make a consistently fantastic latte and they serve it in bucket sized cups – my kind of place!

Naked Soup

My next most visited latte provider is Naked Soup. I am regularly to be found here of a lunch time getting some soup & a freaking delicious coffee. I do love the reasonably priced lunch food they serve here but I go back just as much for my well made caffeine hit as the gorgeous soup.


I absolutely love the coffee from Roast, but with a name like Roast you’d hope they could make a decent cup of Java – and they certainly do. They have an incredibly range of breakfast and lunch options and it’s one of my fav places to drop by on a sat morning for a coffee & breakfast sandwich. Beware tho for me their coffee cups are a little on the small side, I like a bowl of caffeine and have been known to order two.


How could I talk about coffee in the west end and not mention Papercup. These guys mean serious caffeinated business, with an in-house roaster and more ways to brew your beans than you can shake a stick at – it can be…..baffling?! But thankfully not only do they mean business but they know their business inside and out. They can talk you through every – bean, roasting, grinding, brewing option available to you. Also the make a freakishly awesome coffee. Take a tip though don’t ask for any kind if syrup, you’re likely to get barred! 🙂


My last pick would have to be Cafe Phoenix on Woodland Road (the guys on woodland sure know how to knock up a brew). This is a brilliant coffee shop come book shop which is a huge hit with students and west end hipsters alike. They make a brilliant latte (and chai latte if you want something different). This for me embodies the west end – it’s a great mix of customers, tasty lunch style food and locally run by a lovely girl. Plus if you can roll a double 6 with a few dice you get your drink for free – what more could you ask for?

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