My Week in Pictures #20

Phew! What an incredibly stressful week it has been, what with making offers on flats and now trying to get all the bits and pieces sorted out that goes along with that. Once that is all legal and sorted out I will talk about it a bit more (I don’t want to tempt fate too much!). As you can imagine my inner interior designer which is now bursting to get out has already been yomping round every bathroom/kitchen/furniture store in Glasgow. I am actually in the middle of setting up a bit of a LifeStyle/Home Decor blog called Flat Out Glasgow (will be launching this week) which will hopefully chart my diary through the renovation work.

This week also saw me attending what can only be described as the Event of the Year – The Yelpies, or as I like to think of them Glasgow Food Oscars. We all got dressed up to the nines and headed down to Wild Cabaret to celebrate 10 years of yelp. What a night! Lady Briony of Yelp (our freaking awesome community manager) did an incredible job. I had my hair done by the wonderful Miss Dixiebelle into a gorgeous vintage beehive and we were treated to performances by  The Precious Penny Pluckers and George Speirs the Card Assassin. I was more than a little shocked and chuffed to win two Elite Yelpies on the night – West End Wanderer & Resident foodie…woohoo! It was a brilliant night!

Lastly this week I took on the Ice Bucket Challenge, I have posted the video below so you can have a laugh at my somewhat manic laugh when I could barely breathe!

Have a great week kids.x


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