My Week in Pictures – #21

I had a hellish start to my day on Friday which frankly I am still annoyed about 2 days later. I got up all ready to go for a run when the puppy started whining, I was told by Mr G as I had woken him I had to take him out…raging as I had already done my stretching. So off the Bug and I went, 5 times I had to walk him round our usual route to get him to go to the toilet…FIVE! Eventually we got there and headed back to the flat to discover the electric door system wasn’t working….by this time any thoughts of going for a run were LONG gone.

Luckily we have a back door, so round we trooped and thankfully the electric back door was working. I decided that I would just take Snoop out, off we went with my rage increasing by the second when it started to rain…arrggghhh. Snoop and I made a run for the house, our back door is down a really old concrete stairwell which our landlord (despite being told several times) never gets cleaned. It is mosey and slimey under foot…you know where this is going right? Yip! I fell backward on the very large set of very hard concrete steps. I was in AGONY! I was incredibly lucky that I never slammed my head as that could have been extremely dangerous, or carrying the puppy as I had been when I descended the stairs earlier in the morning.

Safe to say that our landlord was left without a name with me cursing and swearing down the phone assuring them they were lucky that I wasn’t suing them and even luckier that I hadn’t slammed my head.

Anyway, luckily once the adrenaline had stopped pumping and I had laid down for a few hours I was just winded and sore but okay. After that I gave up on Friday morning and didn’t leave the house again…I know when the universe is trying to tell me something.

Have a great (safe) week kids.x


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