With flat renovations well underway at the new flat it’s meaning very long exhausting days. I am having fun knocking seven bells out of stuff and making decisions about things but it does mean by the time evening comes there is very little time or though put into food.

This past weekend I had Ma & Pa Geek though lending a very much appreciated hand with a whole host of issues. This led yet again to another meal out on Saturday night, much discussion was had and we decided to try Akbar’s on Charing Cross. I had heard SO many amazing things about Akbars so I couldn’t wait to try it. With Glasgow being one of the curry capitals in the UK I was expecting great things from this place…..unfortunately it didn’t quite deliver for me.


Let’s start with some positives.

Located on Sauchiehall Street, I’d describe Akbars as going for Glam footballers wife chic….I liked it. There was cool lights (however, a few of them weren’t working, but they were still gorgeous), leopard print chairs, beautiful big guilted mirrors hanging on the walls and a massive wall of windows looking out on to the street.


It was mobbed without being noisey which was great. Although they did create in my mind the cardinal sin in the decor / atmosphere stakes. They sat someone on the end of a table meaning I had to shimmy past them (thus sticking my behind over someone’s table) to get out. Too many places do this and it honestly puts me off going back because it so annoying.

The staff were for me the highlight of the night. They were brilliant, friendly and fast. Our waiter introduced himself and was so welcoming, I also loved that when his shift ended we were introduced to our new waiter by him. He then took excellent care of us. Couldn’t fault the staff in the slightest.


To begin our evening we were offered some poppadums to munch on while making out menu choices. When they were delivered we were told they were only made 10 mins ago, they were so nice – light, thin, crispy & delicious.


Now is when it starts going a bit down hill for me which is unfortunate because the food is the most important part.The menu was large and extensive but I did actually struggle to find something I wanted to eat. The menu was quite large so it was purely a personal taste thing that nothing hugely appealed to me.

The one thing I did clocked right away was the duck tikka starter, being a massive fan of duck this was a must try for me. As a side note they also had a rabbit tikka starter too. I was however told when placing my order that neither were available….bummer. So I went for the Chicken & Prawn Poori.


When it arrived it was okay – the open poori was quite a small pancake, the chicken wasn’t the best quality with hardly any chicken breast meat, in fact it was mostly dark meat. The prawns were so small it took me a good 2 or 3 minutes to notice there was prawns in it. The sauce was nice enough. Not a stand out amazing dish but I did finish it but found it fairly ho hum.

I like a patia or chasni curry but unfortunately neither were on the menu so I opted to try a rogan josh for the first time. I also ordered egg fried rice and a plain naan to share. When it arrived I dove into my curry but was very quickly left feeling disappointed. The quality of the chicken was again really poor and the sauce literally tasted of nothing, I’m not exaggerating it was utterly tasteless.


IMG_1492I would like to point out though that Ma & Pa loved their Dopiaza and Mr G said his Biriyni was ‘decent enough’ but also made comment on the use of lots of scrappy dark chicken meat.

The naan was nice enough – although I am writing this blog post at 4am on Sunday morning because I can’t sleep and all I can taste in my mouth is naan bread.


When the plates were cleared away, we were offered moist warm towels which was a brilliant touch and the dessert menus – this is truly where it all fell apart for me.


The expansive menu with 14 options was put down in front of us, after a few minutes of oh-ing & ah-ing our waiter came over to tell us what wasn’t available. Let’s just say he’d be quicker telling us what was available, of the 14 dishes 9, yes NINE were not in stock including the kulfi which is surely pretty staple Indian fair??

Still my Pa and I pushed on and ordered one of the 5 desserts available only for our waiter to pop back a minute later to say mine was also unavailable – TEN out of fourteen desserts not available – eh WHAT???

At this point I just told them to cancel the coffee and desserts and bring the bill as the meal had left me so utterly disappointed.

Ma & Pa loved it and were raving about it so I may go back sometime as they liked it but other than the staff and the nice decor I was pretty underwhelmed for somewhere which won the 2014 Scottish Curry Award.

Glasgow Food Geek Score Card

Decor 7/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Staff 10/10
Menu Choice 5/10
Food 5/10
Overall 6/10 (most of that was down to the great staff)


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  • Lorna
    October 19, 2014 at 8:18 am

    Do you mean expansive menu, or do you really think £2.75 is expensive for pudding?

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