The Scullery – Opening Weekend

Whenever a new restaurant comes to Finnieston I always take a very keen interest give that it’s so close to my west end abode. When I heard about The Scullery opening I was most intrigued to learn more.

For the last few months I’ve been chatting back and forth with Laurie the lovely Head Chef, she’s been making me drool with little snippets and hints of the wonderful contemporary Scottish menu to come. I’ve waited patiently (okay not so patiently) for the restaurant to open and this week it finally did – WooHoo!

When Laurie invited me in to give the menu a try this past week I immediately jumped at the chance. As I was Laurie’s guest on Friday night I’m not going to do a full review but I wanted to give you a wee overview of the menu and feel of the restaurant – but you can be sure when I pop back again and do pay for food I definitely will write-up a full review.

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The decor at The Scullery is über cool laid back chic – exposed brick walls, nice seating and comfy chairs, cool mirrors and lighting, basically it’s everything you want from a contemporary local hot spot in finnieston. I was seated at the window table which I completely loved – it’s a small table for 2, whenever I pop in I’m definitely going to ask for that table.

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The staff were lovely and incredibly friendly, you can tell they’re a new crew because at times the service felt ever so slightly stilted and awkward. However it’s only day 3 of service so I’m not in any way concerned about it – I would imagine if I pop in for dinner next friday they will be like a well oiled machine so no biggie in my opinion.

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The menu is completely up my street and I genuinely could of eaten 95% of the menu. It’s a menu which is designed to make us feel lush and cosy through these cold winter months ahead. I really loved that you could eat tapas style from the menu selecting from the large selection of very tempting starters…..clever! While we were in I saw 2 tables dining exactly that way.

I’ll give you a quick run down of what I ate (remember it’s not a full review).

2014-10-25 09.15.59

I had that salmon to start which was probably my favourite dish – it was a huge portion and tasted perfectly balanced.

2014-10-25 09.16.54

With our starter I was keen to try the Finnieston Bakery artisan bread with 3 dips which included a lovely creamy butter, oil & balsamic and an amazing beetroot humus which I was just eating straight with a fork by the end. Big plus point you get lots of the dip, I hate places which are stingy and you run out.

2014-10-25 09.17.27

I knew what I was having for my main before I walked in the Pork Belly with carrot purée, black pud and buttery mash. It was so delicious – the pork was sweet and tender and the black pud was the perfect accompaniment and it tasted so nice. I had a side of scullery fries which were hand cut, plus points for making their own skinnys! They did looked slightly peely wally and soft – I enjoyed them and demolished the portion, Mr Geek wasn’t a fan tho.

2014-10-25 09.17.58

For dessert I had the vegan chocolate and orange brownie which was dense, gooey, thick, warm and perfect!! I also tried a scoop of heather honey ice cream which was insanely good.

The only thing I really disliked didn’t actually come out of the kitchen it came from the bar, the hot chocolate was really awful – it was made I think with water (bleugh!) it wasn’t rich and creamy like hot choc should be. This is a very small niggle but it’s worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is that they are waiting on their liquor license coming through so they are accommodating a BYOB system at the moment, with corkage charges at £3.50 for a bottle of wine and 75p for a bottle of beer. I’ll let you decide how you feel about being charged corkage when their is no alternative alcoholic option. It didn’t bother me but I could imagine this might annoy some.

So my first date with The Scullery was a great great success and I am already picking out my frock and dancing shoes for our second date.

I look forward to spending many Sunday’s mornings here!


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  • The Scullery
    October 28, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Pammi, thank you for the lovely review, we’re delighted that you enjoyed your visit. We’re sorry about the hot chocolate, it should have been delicious (its the very decadent Montezuma’s Organic Drinking Chocolate). We must have been having a little issue with the preparation! If you try one next time you are in we’ll make sure it is perfect, thanks again, The Scullery 🙂

  • Emma
    October 28, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Is there a corkage charge? One of my friends says that corkage is free just now as their is no drinks licence yet?

  • Emma
    October 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Ps I think it looks lovely with a great menu and I love the brick walls etc..I will be coming soon.Best of luck everyone with your new venture.Emma

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