My Month in Pictures – October

Okay, Okay I know I have been very lacking in my week in pictures posts in the last few months – Bad Blogger!

You all must know by now that I am in the middle of a huge renovation project after buying a flat in the west end of the city which is starting to resemble the Tom Hanks movie Money Pit! In truth I am up to my eyeballs on a daily basis in plaster, cables, dust and tradesmen who all have a million questions for me. Due to this I haven’t had the time or the metal capacity to deal with a weekly blog post. You will all be pleased to hear however that as soon as the flat is finished I will be writing machine, churning out witty and delightful posts and updates on a near hourly schedule.

I am actually very excited as in my new pad I have commandeered the guest bedroom as geek HQ, I am going to set up a lovely writing desk in the window (yes I know very Carrie Bradshaw!) and will have a proper area to write and a little ‘inspiration’ corner.

In lieu of my weekly picture posts in October I have decided to post a Month in Pictures…I hope you will forgive this little blip and embrace once again my weekly picture posts from now on.

So here it is my month in pictures which involves lots of food and building site shots as frankly that has been all I have done this month.

Hope you enjoy my song of the month 😛

Have a good one kids.x



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