Food Lovers Christmas Gift Guide 2014

In case you haven’t worked it out yet I LOVE christmas! I love everything about it – the shopping, the nights out, the weather, the fashion, the christmas jumpers, the movies, the music, the food…EVERYTHING!


With only a few weeks to go before the big man comes down your chimney, I thought it was time to start chatting about what the food lovers in your life might want to find under their tree come Christmas morning…okay that is a total lie this post is basically directed at people who want to buy me a gift. Yes Mr G I am talking to you 😛

Alston Bar & Beef steak


Now this is a bit of a contentious issue, people always think buying vouchers are impersonal and a cop-out. I think amazing gift, I would love to get vouchers for some of the hot restaurants in town – Alston, Hutchesons, Ubiquitous Chip, Bread Meats Bread and The Gannet. If I got this I would be as happy as….well a geek on Xmas morning who just got vouchers for food 🙂


Ochil Fudge Pantry Selection Box

Actually not one box but I want the whole god damn range! If you don’t know how much I love this fudge frankly where have you been. These ladies rock my little foodie world with their wickedly tempting flavours. There christmas flavours includes such sexy little numbers as spiced rum and orange, malt whisky, marzipan, Christmas pudding and egg nog fudges.

I will be placing a frankly embarrassingly large order with them soon for Christmas – hopefully I will manage to wrap some of it and give them as gift, although I am making no promises.


Peckhams Hampers

Last year virtually everyone in my family got a food or booze hamper from Peckhams as part of their christmas gifts. They do a fantastic range of packaged hampers or you can design them yourself from the lovely produce they have in their stores. Last year I tweaked every hamper I ordered and every single one was right and looked amazing.

Pumpkin ingredints

The Gift of Cooking

I am not an amazing cook, I can bake up a storm but sometimes get a bit baffled by cooking. With this in mind I would absolutely love for someone to give me a voucher to do a cooking glass at The Cookery School so I can improve my skillz! I especially love the look of their Italian Classic, Scottish Classics and the Pie and Pastry courses. This is a brilliant gift for someone, you can even buy a voucher for yourself and make it a fun thing you can do together.

Kelvingrove Cafe - latte

Coffee Time

As you know I am a bit of a coffee lover so I think this would be an amazing gift. A coffee machine, this machine in particular from Dualit is a big favourite of mine. I think if you were giving this to someone you love for Christmas it would be amazing to create a bit of a coffee lovers hamper to go with it. In the hamper you could include a some lovely coffee, espresso cups, a bean grinder, some locally produced coffee beans from maybe Gordon Street Coffee or Papercup, and an assortment of sweet treats like chocolates. tablet and macaroon from Kimbles

These are just a few ideas for the Food Lovers in your life which I think would make awesome gifts.

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