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Earlier this week I got to do two of my favourite things – I got to hang out with some of my lovely blogger friends and eat some pretty tasty food at newly opened Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Happy days!

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Let be honest Burger Lane (formerly St Vincent Street) is now over run with large chain Burger Stores, here is the thing tho are the big chains too late to the party in Glasgow? We all now have our favourite local independent burger bar that we are reasonably loyal to. I for example post my colour to the Bread Meats Bread mast, some of my favourite food bloggers are die hard Burger Meats Bun fans, and I know some people who only eat burgers in Jacker De Viande or Lebowskis.

2015 is certainly going to be interesting as they all now have to battle it out to carve room in the already over saturated market for themselves.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Glasgow

Right, for those who haven’t eaten in a GBK before the concept is basically an upscale McDonalds meets Nandos. You wait at the door until a member of staff shows you to a table, you are given a menu and a table number, and are then told to go to the bar where you order and pay. Easy enough concept that we are all familiar with by now.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Glasgow Interios

The decor in GBK  is fairly relaxed and welcoming, nothing controversial or crazy is present. It feels spacious but still retains a nice buzz in the restaurant.

The staff we actually had very little to do with, they sat us down, told us how to order, then brought our food. They were pleasant enough in doing in but we have very little interaction with them, as is the intention in these types of restaurants.

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The menu is pretty impressive with a good selection of burgers and sides that I liked the sound of. Once we devoured the menu we decided to order halloumi bites and chicken skewers from the ‘While You Wait’ section, and I settled on the Salvador burger, sweet potato fries and a nutella milkshake.

Off I toddled to the bar to order…..

Halloumi – Sold out!

Chicken Skewers  – Sold out!

Salvador Burger – yip…..Sold out!

Oh and would I mind if they made my nutella milkshake with chocolate ice cream as the vanilla was out of stock….at this point my head was in my hands and a mumbled ‘aye fine’ was offered.

So in the end I actually ordered the Blitzen Burger which consisted of crispy bacon, deep-fried camembert, Mrs. Claus burger sauce, baby spinach, spiced cranberry ketchup. Along with Sweet Potato Fries and baconnaise, onion rings and a chocolate nutella milkshake.

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The food arrived pretty quickly and looked really good, I had previously arranged with Herby to split our burgers. We started by tucking into her Cajun Blue, described as Cajun blackened chicken, blue cheese slaw, rocket, pickled onion. This burger was delicious, don’t be put off by the mention of Blue Cheese Slaw, it really does just offer to enhance the flavour of the Cajun chicken. A lovely burger which I would happily order again.

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Next we dove into the Blitzen Burger which tasted good, if slightly heavy in comparison to the chicken burger, but that is to be expected given that it is topped with a giant lump of deep fried camembert. The flavours worked beautifully together and I would definitely order this again. On the whole I am not a massive fan of chain food but this is easily the nicest chain burger I have ever had.Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I feel that I need to gush about the baconnaise sauce…it is EPIC! A Bacon Mayonnaise, why has this not been in my life before now. This sauce is made in store every day and frankly can only be described as Lush Perfection in a dish. This is a ‘Must Try’

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The sweet potato fries where great, the onion rings were light and not greasy and the huge nutella milkshake was thick and tasted great..even with the chocolate ice cream.

Just a word of warning, I may have described it as an upscale McDonalds but for 2 burgers, 2 drinks, 2 fries and onion rings it was just shy of £40. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with what I paid and think it was good value, I just wanted to mention that it’s not a cheap fast food restaurant.

All in all I wouldn’t make a special trip to GBK, but if I was passing or I wanted a burger and Bread Meats Bread was full (which it is so much of the time) I would 100% happily pop in here to enjoy some pretty tasty burgers with lots and lots of baconnaise.

Just so you know I have only scored them 5 for menu choice as 3 of the 5 things I wanted to order were not available and 1 was changed due to not having vanilla ice cream. The menu selection is actually very good but I always score on my personal experience.

GBK Glasgow Review

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