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First off I should say that I accidentally deleted my pictures from this lunch, so this review will be pictures light other than the pictures I can steal from my last review of the The Grosvenor Cafe.   I quite enjoyed my first visit and gave them a pretty solid 7 stars after having had a nice night there with some friends in November 2013.


I have been back a couple of times since then and haven’t been super impressed for a whole variety of reasons, but last week I had such a woeful experience there that I decided I would have to re-review them because they don’t really merit 7 stars anymore. This makes me incredibly sad as I hate to re-review places and give them worse scores  (plus writing bad reviews is so depressing) but this was my 2nd below par experience there since my first visit in November 2013 and felt I had to alter my review.


Yes it really is this dark

So – The Grosvenor Cafe is located on the super trendy Ashton lane and my feelings on the decor are pretty much the same as my last review. My only comments would be unfortunately we were located at one of the large high tables on uncomfortable stools, which was fine for the first hour…but by the time we left 2 and a half hours later I was in agony and in fact still have a very bad back after the experience. Oh! also it was VERY kids heavy when we visited at lunch time Sunday which made for a  loud atmosphere.

Staff wise – honestly I would like to be able to talk to you about the staff but we barely saw them…we had to ask to order drinks, then we had to ask to order, then we had to ask again for more drinks, then we had to ask how much longer the food would be, then we had to ask for the bill. Are you seeing a pattern here? Basically if we hadn’t stopped staff to ask for stuff we would have been ignored the entire time we were there. The only time anyone showed any interest was when a member of staff, who I suspect was the manager stopped to ask if our complicated order was right? It wasn’t but we muddled through.

The menu is nice enough and features all the usual staples you would expect in this kind of place, pizzas, small plates, and a selection of ‘main’ dishes . In the end I opted to start with the Smoked tomato and basil soup which arrived after a long 30 minute wait. The soup which I had tried before was delicious, it’s beautifully smokey and thick, and served with some lovely soft bread. Zero complaints with the soup!0450c-img_0235

For my main I decided to try 3 of their small plates for £12. I choose Roast beetroot and butternut squash with feta, Scallops and streaky bacon with black pudding and Crayfish, avocado with marie rose sauce. This food arrived a whole hour and a half after we sat down so as you can imagine by this point we were so hungry it almost didn’t matter that the food was sort of meh! I wish I could tell you that it was worth the wait but in truth it just filled a hole, it was edible but not amazing and definitely not worth a 90 minute wait.

We left as soon as we were finished our mains and in total for a pretty basic 2 course meal we were there for 2 and a half hours…..2 and half HOURS!!! My Life is way way too short for this kind thing!  I should point out the bar was only about half full so it wasn’t overly busy. I mentioned this on twitter and quite a few people have commented about the staff and the length of time service takes so clearly this hasn’t been a one-off problem.

As I said last year I am going to start photographing my receipt to include in my reviews but I couldn’t take a picture on this occasion as there was a big group of us dining –  but my meal came to £19.25 including a bottle of mineral water.

Pretty awful lunch all round which left me feeling utterly mortified as I had suggested The Grosvenor to my friends. The only saving grace was the company which was great. In all honesty I probably won’t go back to the Grosvenor Cafe because there are so many great places literally on their door step.

2015 GFG Score Card - Grosvenor Cafe


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  • JS
    January 5, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I have to agree. I’ve had an equally bad experience on Christmas Day. Staff were no where to be seen. A table of 8 across the way from me ended up leaving and having the full payment for Christmas lunch reimbursed..embarrassing for the business and very awkward for the other customers around them.

    After all the commotion and everything had settled myself and my partner were still waiting on our mains. Which was an hour since the starters were cleared. I finally got a member of staff and chased it up. It was clear to me that they had got our orders..only a table of two mixed up with the bigger table so therefore we had just been forgotten.

    I received an email enquiring about my experience and I thought it only correct to give a honest feedback..which I did.

    I got no response from the restaurant, however received a £5 voucher! Talk about adding insult to injury.

    Unfortunately just when I thought they had caught up with proper customer service in 2014…these actions prove the inexperience and I professionalism on their frontline.

    Come on Glasgow…we can do better!!

    • Pam G
      January 5, 2015 at 1:30 pm

      I’m sorry to hear that your Christmas Day was such a nightmare…..I would have gone mental if they had ruined my Christmas day and had sent me a £5 voucher, a complete slap in the face.

      You’re 100% in Glasgow we definitely expect better.

      • Neil
        January 5, 2015 at 10:07 pm

        Nothing worse than looking forward to a meal and it’s such a let down, especially if you have to travel. My wife and i are coming through to Glasgow (from outside Stirling) soon and we are definetly doing our homework first, The Gannet and Cal Bruich are first up.

        • Pam G
          January 5, 2015 at 10:11 pm

          Oh outstanding choices, both The Gannet & Cail Bruich are amazing….you wont go wrong in either of these places, ive never geard anything bad said about either. X

        • JS
          January 6, 2015 at 12:45 am

          I can definitely recommend Cail Bruich..they have won best Scottish restaurant two years in a row and are fantastic! I’ve unfortunately not been to The Gannet yet, but I’ve only heard good things. Both top notch restaurants. Enjoy!!

  • Js
    January 24, 2015 at 10:59 am

    I had to come back on to say that The Grovenor have been in touch and I received a movie and meal voucher for two. I appreciated the gesture and I hope that this experience will be better….I’ll keep you posted. Happy Saturday!! 🙂

    • Pam G
      February 1, 2015 at 9:20 pm

      I am really glad you got a more satisfactory response. Hope your next experience is better. Let me know how you found it. 🙂

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