My Week in Pictures Feb.8

The week got off to a flying start last Sunday night when I was up until 4am watching the Super Bowl, I am not a die hard Patriots fan but I was supporting them on the night and was more than pleased to see them win….plus who doesn’t have a soft spot for Pats quarterback and golden boy Tom Brady? Not only does he seem like a genuinely nice upstanding all american boy but he is also Mr Gisele Bundchen – it’s definitely good to be Brady!

Treats and eats have been in big supply this week when I visited Bread Meats Bread for the second week in a row….they are just so damn tasty! I also had a hot chocolate date with the lovely RozzyStar at No1 Chocolate Factory who do the most decadent and lush luxury hot chocolate that you could ever imagine. I had a little yelp event at Alston on Wednesday and then to finish the week off I paid my first visit to the new Nics Deli on Hope Street for the craziest and tastiest thing I have ever seen – a cookie donut sandwich – a donut slathered in fondant and sandwiched between 2 peanut butter cookies topped with honeycomb and fondant…it was both epic and intimidating but most importantly delicious.

I have a fairly quiet week coming up thankfully as I plan to spend the week doing bits and pieces around the Penthouse and getting ready for the Apartment warming. I am however at the end of the week looking forward to trying a new spot for dinner for Valentines day, remember if you are still trying to decided where to go you can check out my top picks for Valentine’s dinner, I hope whatever you do you have a fun day with lots of delicious food 🙂





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