Glasgows Best Bruches

Glasgow loves brunch…this is a fact that I am not surprised by but am proud of none the less.

How do I know this is a fact? Well the last post I did on the best 5 brunches in Glasgow has proved to be one of my most popular and still gets multiple hits, especially at the weekend.

As this post was written July 2014 I thought I better update it due to us sadly losing The Richmond last year (something that I am still mourning even now – sigh!)

So, where is the best brunch in G-Town? There are literally hundreds of contenders for this accolade but for my money there are a few which stand out as my favourites

Hutcehson Brunch

My top brunch destination has to be the Huntcheson, purely for the sheer decadence of it. Don’t get me wrong their food is incredible but the surrounding really seal the deal for me….I never get tired of eating there it just feels special. I can highly recommend…well I recommend the whole menu in all honesty but my favourite dish has to be their Smoked Scottish Salmon and scrambled egg. They make cracking lattes and their Hot Chocolate and Pain au Chocolat are a thing of great beauty!

Stravagin Brunch

Next favourite brekkie spot for something a little more relaxed is the ever popular Stravaigin on Gibson Street. I love  their kooky decor and eclectic tempting bunch menu, featuring gorgeous dishes like Nasi Goreng, Stravaigin’s breakfast baozi but my personal favourite has to be their doorstop sized French toast served with amazing char-grilled Ramsay’s of Carluke bacon and maple syrup….for my money this is the best french toast in the city. A fantastic brunch spot…but beware they fill up fast at the weekend.

lebanese breakfast - Left Bank

If Stravaigin is full you can alway pop across the road to another of my favourites, The Left Bank….although they fill up quickly too. There is something about The Left Bank I just love…the vibe is quintessentially west end. The decor is  funky and relaxed and the menu is scrumptious – grilled banana bread and homemade hazelnut chocolate spread, do I really need to go any further than that? They do one of my favourite brunch items in the city with an amazing Lebanese Breakfast which I adore.

Scullery Hot Chocolate

Next on my brunch must list would have to be The Scullery in Finnieston. The Scullery open in the week that my favourite local spot (The Richmond, SOB!)  closed and these guys have helped heal my broken heart. They picked up that feeling of relaxed, local and alway welcoming place without missing a beat for me. It’s a fab, the surrounding are modern and chic but without trying and the menu is totally up my street for relaxed weekend eats. My favourites include the French Toast and Bacon with Maple Syrup and the Eggs Florentine, and on the days I fancy a sandwich my go to is always the gorgeous Pastrami. I can not tell you how much I adore this spot.

Hyde Glasgow Yelp Brunch Club

A new addition to my favourite brunch spots in Glasgow is The Hyde on Partick Bridge Street. I visited here a few weeks ago and had a really love breakfast. This stylish cool bar/restaurant in Patrick is a hipster and westender paradise  and it is producing some pretty great brunch treats including eggs in every imaginable breakfast dish, light fluffy pancakes, tasty full breakfasts and gorgeous breakfast butties. This is definitely where the cool and hip go to eat breakfast in the west end.

There are a tons of other places that I could mention here but these are my pick of the best brunch spots in the city. Since this seems to be a hot topic amongst you gorgeous Glasweigans I will try to do an update every 6 months or so. Where ever you choose to have your weekend brunch I hope it’s a good one – it is after all the best meal of the week.



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