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I don’t think there is a single person left in Glasgow unaware now that Porter & Rye in Finnieston are the new cool kids on the block. It seems that in the last month every time I have hopped on to twitter there is someone else raving about Porter….critics, bloggers and foodies alike are all googley eyed about this spot. So I couldn’t wait any longer before trying it out.

Boy oh boy! Where do I start with this review – Epic? Awesome? Insanely Good? Utterly Outstanding??? Where ever I chose to start they all lead to the same destination – that this is one outstanding restaurant.

Porter and rye March 2015 - interior

The vibe in the restaurant is very west end, it’s cool, industrial and trendy. It’s all exposed brick walls, metal mezzanine & stairs, gorgeous tiled floor, there are cuts of beef on display in a large fridge in the middle of the restaurant and a massive picture of a cow which I now want for my flat. We were located in the booths down the stairs under the mezzanine level, I thought I would feel very closed in but the lighting was great so it felt more intimate and cosy rather than claustrophobic.

Porter and rye march 2015 cow

The staff were outstanding, our waitress was so charming and warm. She was happy to make excellent recommendations throughout every single course, including cocktails. Couldn’t fault the staff at all.

I can’t go any further without talking about my cocktail (yes I broke my no booze rule for a wee drink) I went for the Still Game cocktail, described as Diplomatico Reserva, Amaro Montenegro, Plum muscovado syrup, duck tincture, Stirred, served on ice, garnished with a blurred fig. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t understand about 80% of this description but I was talked into it anyway after the lovely waitress confirmed that duck tincture was indeed a duck essence spray…how could I not try that. when  it arrived with the worlds largest ice-cube it wasn’t my normal type of thing but it tasted delicious – duck and all.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - still game cocktail

Porter & Rye March 2015 - bread rolls

Porter & Rye March 2015 - menuNow if you don’t want steak this is not the restaurant for you at all, as all they have for mains is steaks and a burger, which is essentially ground steak. To start with Mr G and I decided to share a starter after my friend Trudie talked for about 10 minutes about her love of the Cheese Bon Bons  I knew I had to try them, but I would normally always have the carpaccio if it was on the menu…so we had both.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - cheese bonbons

The Knockraiche Farm Crowdie Cheese Bonbons served with parmesan air and amaretto crumbs were delicious, they were large, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Give the size of them they were incredibly light and very moorish.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - carpaccio

The Lightly-Smoked Gaindykehead Farm Beef Carpaccio which came with pickled shallots, candy walnut & quail’s egg was incredible. It was served with a little panache under a gloche full of smoke, when it was lifted this waft of perfumed air circulate around me make my mouth water before even take a bite. The carpaccio was tender and as soft as butter. Easily the best I’ve ever eaten.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - choose your weapon

For my main I opted for the 28 day aged sirloin with porter and bacon butter and a side of hand cut chip and bone marrow mac and cheese. While waiting for our steaks we were presented with a selection of steak knifes for you to choose your weapon from…..naturally I went for the larger and most sword like – a very nice and clever touch.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - steak daggerOnce the steak arrived I was in meat heaven. The steak was incredibly flavourful, it was charred to perfection giving it a really lovely bbq style flavour, the meat was sensational and tasted like a dream. The hand cut chips were chunky and cooked to perfection – crunchy yet soft, I could have eaten a bucket of these no problem. The mac and cheese was deliciously meaty but creamy. This dish to me was utter perfection.

Porter & Rye March 2015 - sirloin

Porter & Rye March 2015 - steak

Even after all this food my pudding belly was still empty so the dessert menu was requested. As soon as I saw my 2 favourite words on a dessert menu – Peanut Butter, I knew what I was going to have. The Peanut Butter Ice Cream served with toffee sauce, caramel salt, torched bananas, banana sherbet and almond crumble….I genuinely have no words to tell how my much I loved this dish. Every single element of the dish was incredible…sensational….outstanding!

Porter and rye march 2015 - dessert

porter and rye march 2015 peanutbutter dessert

Now I didn’t actually pay for my dinner, I was treated to this meal by someone I am helping out with a project they are working on. As I never paid  it would be incredibly rude to my dining guest to work it out. I will just say that the prices looked very reasonable for the food which was served and I would happily have paid the prices on the menu for the dishes presented.

Everything I have heard about this restaurant is true, it is wonderful and right up there with one of my favourite meals ever. I will 100% definitely be back very soon.

 Porter & rye score card

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