My Week in Pictures March.15

It’s been a super quite week over at Geek HQ.

My littlest boy, LeoBug was in for ‘THE’ op last weekend. Yip I am the kind of puppy mum who gets her 11 month old puppy neutered. Due to this op and him being dressed with a cone of shame I basically had to stay in all week and watch him. For those of you who don’t have a dog, and have never seen one straight after an anesthetic let me assure you how incredibly bad you feel for the wee fellas.

This sympathy was stretched to its limit twice this week thought when I had to sleep on the sofa in the office with him, we couldn’t leave him on his own at night because we felt too bad for him. ….Mr G very kindly took the other 4 nights on the sofa, what a trooper. On one of my sleepovers with the Bug he very kindly woke me up at 4.32am by coming right up to my nose and baking in my face, as you can imagine that we the last night sleep over we had.

I did manage to get out once this week tho to have a lovely coffee date with the gorgeous Glasgow Dragonfly at newly opened Gesso in Charing Cross. The gorgeous Coffee Lounge in right up my street decor and vibe wise. I am meeting one of my favourite people, Briony from The Glasgow Food blog there this week for a spot of lunch so I will do a full blow review and write-up soon. First impressions though were excellent.

Hoping this will be a slightly more fun week than last, although in my opinion there are worse things than hanging out with my fav 3 boys.

Have a great week kids.x


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