Spring Time Goodies

My Name is Pam and I am a marketing persons dream!

I buy stuff bases on songs in adverts – Hello John Lewis. I visit websites based on their cute furry ad stars – yeah I am talking about you meerkats, and I choose foods based on how much I like the packaging, so when I saw the new spring range in M&S a few weeks ago I nearly flipped my lid and squealed with excitement.

Mother Day M&S basket1

Everyone knows M&S food is consistently pretty great, is it as good as locally produced items? Nope! But it is easily the best range of sweets and treats available in supermarkets without question. Their baked in store White Chocolate Chip cookies are a joy and one of my favourite biscuits, and who doesn’t love a percy pig? For me tho what tips M&S over the edge is their incredible seasonal packaging. They do lovely tinned shortbread and pretty boxed chocolates and fudge which for me are as  much a feast for the eyes as the belly.

As soon as I saw their new spring range I instantly thought they would be a great alternative to an Easter Egg for an adult, I have this amazing wicker basket and I immediately thought about it bursting with pastel goodies and knew it is something that I would love to receive and wanted to do a post on it.

Mother Day M&S basket 2

As you would expect of M&S all of the items I tried were really tasty, but I really wanted this post to showcase the images rather than me talk endlessly about how lovely each time was. It’s a beautiful range and I will certainly be buying more of it on my next visit to dish out at easter.




Mother Day M&S truffles

Mother Day M&S Pear drink

Mother Day M&S lemon shortbread

Mother Day M&S fuges selection

Mother Day M&S chocolates

Mother Day M&S Shortbread

Mother Day M&S Fudge








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