You will maybe remember my post a few months back about trying to stay caffeine free this year….as it turns out that is perhaps not as achievable as I might have imagined, but I have without doubt definitely cut down on my intake massively.

A decaf latte is something I have as a treat because it is loaded down with so many chemicals that I struggle to believe it can be any better for me than caffeine is. Sometimes I do buckle and have one as a little indulgence. On the whole now though I am powering through Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos and Chai like it is going out of fashion.

The lovely Sarah over at Glasgow company TeaGeeks saw my plight on twitter and offered me a small selection of tea samples to try…which I was more than happy to try. I was very excited a few days later to receive a little parcel including 3 small sample packets and a tea infuser.

TeaGeeks samples

I have to be honest I found loose tea leaves slightly intimidating….never having used them before I didn’t really knowing what to do with them and how it all worked.

Turns out I am a gimp and it is in fact perfectly easy….who knew??

I immediately set about trying the three minty themed teas Sarah had kindly sent me. I had an organic Peppermint, Moroccan Mint and Choc-Mint Rooibos. They all tasted amazing but I have to confess that the Choc-Mint Rooibos is definitely my favourite one, it is absolutely incredible, tasting just like a minty areo infused tea. I find it hard to believe how excited I get now about a great tea but this one is SO good. I had the little sample packet finished in 2 days.

Tea Geeks tea

I am actually this afternoon about to place an order for a few different teas including Japanese Cherry (because I have a bit of a thing for cherry blossom) and some more Choc-Mint Rooibos which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

If like me you are seriously into your teas then I would definitely recommend checking out TeaGeeks brilliant range. If this still doesn’t convince you to place an order how about a wee 20% discount code for the Minty teas which Sarah kindly let me try – organic Peppermint, Moroccan Mint and Choc-Mint Rooibos. Just entre foodgeek in the checkout screen to receive 20% off when ordering these teas until the end of April 2015.