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I don’t know if I have ever told you guys this before, but I have an out of control obsession/love affair with pretzels. Not the hard little crunchy biscuits but the big warm doughy salty numbers that make me moan in pleasure with every single bite….like I said I really like pretzels.

Pretzel WEST

A good pretzel in Scotland is a hard thing to come by……well until now that is. Newly opened WEST on the Corner have answered my prayers by opening about a 1 minute walk from the Penthouse and do take away pretzels. Woohoo!

I paid my first visit to WEST a few days ago with the gorgeous community manager of Yelp Glasgow – Briony – for a catch up and I have to tell you I was impressed not only with her witty banter but also the bar.

Outside WEST on the Corner 2015

WEST on the Corner is located on Woodlands Road and is a treat to the eye. Outside they have gone for a super trendy distressed look which I LUV!

Bar WEST on the Corner 2015

Inside WEST on the Corner 2015

Inside is a wonderfully light airy bright space –  there are massive windows letting in heaps of light, cool exposed brick walls, a wooden bar and Scandinavian style furniture and lighting. I really enjoyed hanging out in this bar and can imagine spending lots of time there over the summer (if it ever arrives).

The staff were lovely. There were lots of smiles and greetings when I walked into the bar, they were attentive and more than happy to help describe dishes to us when we asked. Plus, I really liked their uniforms.

Lunch Menu WEST on the Corner 2015

Menu WEST on the Corner 2015

As you would imagine from a brewery describing themselves as: ‘Glaswegian Heart. German Head.’ the menu is all about showing their true German side, I am talking Currywurst, Bayrischer Wurstsalat and of course Schnitzel.

Now that you understand my deep deep love for pretzels, you will understand that I couldn’t look past the Nürnberger & sauerkraut which are little link style sausages served on a pretzel bun!! That is right people, this is not a drill  – a freakin PRETZEL BUN!!!!!

Lunch WEST on the Corner 2015

West on the corner June 2015

When my food arrived, I dove in straight away and devoured it within about 2 minutes. It was really good. The bun was salty and hard on the outside and perfectly doughty and stretchy inside. The 3 sausages which were served in the bun were really flavoursome and well proportioned for the bun. The sauerkraut wasn’t over powering and just added a really lovely additional texture and slightly aromatic taste to the dish.

I also had sides of fries and a green salad. Both of these were tasty enough. The chips were large, crunchy and well seasoned and the green salad….well it was a green salad and I only really ordered it to pretend that I was eating healthy.

WEST on the Corner 2015

I forgot to take a picture of the bill but I think my share came to about £20 which included 2 lattes and an amazing additional pretzel for dessert!

All in all, this is a great little bar. Food wise, they aren’t offering fine dining; instead, they are doing pretty tasty bar food, which I really enjoyed and I will definitely visit again soon to try more of their menu.



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