Cadbury Hamper

Last week I got an amazing delivery through the post – if you follow me on twitter you will have seen pictures of an amazing hamper which Cadbury  was kind enough to send me. It was literally heaving with chocolatey goodies.

Basket Cadburys Hamper

It was so massive in size that even Mr Geek stood in awe as I unpacked the seemly never-ending goodies from the beautifully presented wicker hamper. I am talking – Heroes, Roses, Milk Tray, Popcorn, Bubbly Dairy Milk Bar, Eclairs, 2 bottles of wine and a little bag of Chomps, Fudges and Freddos…this is a hamper of epic proportions.

Contents Cadburys Hamper

Chocolate bars Cadburys Hamper

While unpacking it I kept talking about how much my niece and nephew would love it.

My niece especially would adore it, I feel I have to see her as much as possible at the moment and any way I can entice her to come spend some time with me – her coolest aunt I am all for. You see next year she is off (hopefully) to Aberdeen University which as far as I am concerned may as well be on another planet. All I know is she won’t be here.

I don’t have any kids but I love my nieces and nephews like they are my own…there is nothing I wouldn’t do for these kids. So the thought of her being all the way off in Aberdeen for most of the year actually makes my heart hurt.

milk tray and wine Cadbury Hamper

Roses Cadbury Hamper

My oldest nephew is at Uni now in Glasgow so we see him all the time. In fact he graduates soon and he will definitely be getting one of these Cadbury hampers as his ‘woohoo! you graduated’ gift from me.  I’ll just make sure that I happen to be visiting him when it arrives so I can pinch a few sweets and a cheeky glass of wine to toast his success.

heroes Cadbury Hamper

Wine and chocs Cadbury Hamper

My lovely little niece who is leaving home, may just find one of these hampers delivered on a monthly bases….just to make sure she is eating well. After all if you’re favourite aunty doesn’t send you a box of chocolatey goodness while you are away at uni then who will??

milk tray Cadbury Hamper

These Cadbury hampers come in a variety of different sizes from £10 – £50 and for the amount of chocolate you get in the boxes I think it is brilliant value for money. They come beautifully presented and full of their most popular goodies – plus some bonus wine! woohoo!

You can find out more about the range of Cadbury hampers here

Essentially what I am trying to say is that I freaking love Cadbury chocolate and I can think of no better way to say to my gorgeous nieces and nephews ‘I love you and you always make me proud’ than sending them one of these lovely hampers as a surprise Graduation present.

eclairs Cadburys Hamper