Morblas at Hilton Glasgow

I am sure this will come as no surprise to you guys but I get offered a lot of complementary meals to write reviews for restaurants.

This is something I always shy away from for a few reasons but the main one is that if I want to eat somewhere I am always more than happy to pay for it.

A few weeks ago however I was invited in to try Morblas Restaurant in the 5 star Glasgow Hilton – HMMMMM! Intriguing as this is some where I never had any intention of eating. A conundrum!

I decided to take the plunge and go for what is only really my second complimentary meal invite.

As ALWAYS this is 100% my genuine unfiltered ramblings about my dining experience.

The Hilton Glasgow is a beautiful hotel, and exactly what you would expect of an international 5 star hotel – modern with clean lines, large and busy.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

I know you are wondering why I would never go to Morbals – it’s because I always get a little bit intimidated and uncomfortable at the thought of having to walk through a busy hotel to get to a restaurant.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

In Morblas you can’t see into the lobby while dinning but the feeling that I was sitting in a hotel – although a very beautiful hotel never really left me. The decor is very nice but felt ever so slightly soul-less. This in its self is really not a big deal because it was perfectly pleasant but as this is one of my hotel restaurant fears I felt I had to mention it.

The staff were exceptionally attentive, friendly and offered recommendations for each course which I like.

I already know you are thinking ‘duh! of course they were they knew who you were!’ Ahhhh! That is why I kept a very close eye on how they were treating other dinners – which was with the 5 star service you would expect. See I think of everything 😛

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

To start our meal we were presented with some bread and butter. The bread was disappointing, it looked like a simple bought in brown/white bread – pretty uninspiring. However they upped the ante by presenting it was 3 different butters – plain, herb and tomato. The Tomato was super tasty and I couldn’t resist slathering it all over my bread.

A very nice touch and something I have never had anywhere else.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

As expected from a Seafood & Grill restaurant the menu consisted of steak and fish with a few other options thrown in. It’s worth noting that it’s not a big menu, that being said I could have ordered literally every single dish.  In the end I settled on the House Cured & Smoked Salmon which was served with Capers, Caviar Butter served with Toasted Sourdough.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

When the dish arrived presented on a very shabby wooden board (URGHH!!! I hate wooden boards) I was a bit disappointed to see there were no capers on the dish but instead a cucumber style salsa(?!?!) not a big deal but I do love capers so I missed them. The salmon was smoked and cured to beautifully. The cured salmon was tender and incredibly flavoursome and the smoked salmon was light and smoky. Great starter.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

For my main course I choose the Steamed Lemon Sole, White Grapes, Vermouth, Heritage Potatoes and Buttered Greens. Instead of potatoes I asked for a selection of honey roasted vegetables. When the dish arrived I was slightly speechless at the size of this fish…it was a massive whole lemon sole which explains the £22 price tag because that is not a cheap catch. I do wish though that there was some warning it was served on the bone, I would have ordered something else instead.

I never order anything on the bone as I don’t like going to battle with my food in a restaurant.

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

However that being said the fish was an absolute dream – it was a beautifully flaky, chunky buttery piece of fish. The greens weren’t especially butter which suited me and were lovely with the lemon sole. The honey roasted veg was delicious and I wolfed down the very large bowl all by myself. I love a honey roasted parsnip!

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

For dessert I had my eye on the Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Mille Fueille since I had checked out the menu that morning and was very excited to try it.

I need to tell you I had only planned to eat a little of the dessert to try it out…however once my hand engaged my brain refused to stop the plate to mouth shovelling motion. As far as I am concerned this is a dessert created in the heavens my blue eyed angels and brought to life by virgin gods in the peaks of Mount Olympus!!!!

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

Hazelnut Dessert

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever eaten. In case you can’t tell I have a real thing for dark chocolate and hazelnut so this was beyond words to me. There are genuinely not enough words to tell you how much I loved this. Smooth bitter dark chocolate, prefect buttery flaky disc of pastry, crunchy hazelnuts…this was the definition of my dream dessert!

Morblas Restaurant Glasgow Hilton

As a side note Mr G ordered a White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Delice and enjoyed his just as much. Top Marks to the pastry chefs at Morblas.

In total my meal including a £9 large glass of wine and a large latte would have come to £51.50. Do I think this is a fair price? Yes, but I do think it is at the very very upper limits of a reasonable price.

If someone suggested going here or I knew someone staying in the hotel I would happily go back and eat at Morblas as the food was absolutely lovely, the kitchen and service teams certainly know what they are doing.

A lovely little meal which I very much enjoyed.

Morblas review Aug 2015


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