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Urgh! I have let my posts slip AGAIN!

I currently have 7…yes SEVEN posts to write.

I just can’t seem to find the time at the moment to get back on top of my little back log.

In a bid to get back on track I wanted to tell you guys about a trip I had a few weeks ago to Paradise….no not Harvey Nics or Tynecastle (sorry other football fans but you know I am all about the Jambo lovin 😛 ) but to the Persian restaurant on Great Western Road.

Paradise Glasgow Review

I have driven past this spot hundreds of times and always look on intrigued. With a waterfall in the window it is hard not to be at least interested to find out what is inside.

Paradise Glasgow Review

Paradise Glasgow Review

Well I can tell you it is like hanging out at Aladdin’s pad…it is dripping in eastern treasures and nik-naks which I absolutely loved. The restaurant is full of character and charm, every time I looked up I spotted something else beautiful or interesting to look at. The tables are fairly packed into the small space but that just added to the cosy feeling I had in the restaurant on the dark autumnal night.

The staff were pleasant and friendly enough. I never really had any interaction with them, so no great thoughts either way.

Paradise Glasgow Review

We were eating with our buddy Rocco who had been there before. In fact if you are a yelper like me you will appreciate that Rocco was thrilled that night to be crowned the Duke of Paradise….quite the title and certainly a brilliant chat up line for the Ladiezzz!

Paradise Glasgow Review

To start our meal off we just got a small sharing plate consisting of…icredible lush creamy homous, salty slightly bitter olives, Dolmeh – bite sized stuffed vine leaves packed with lightly spiced rice, I could have eaten a whole heap of these tasty little parcels they were so good. We also ordered a nan, now I am not normally a fan of thin nans instead preferring a heaving doughy mass of bread…this thin nan however was SO good. It was amazingly still slightly doughy in places and was perfect with the fresh homous dipping. 

Paradise Glasgow Review

For my main Rocco steered us to the kebabs claiming the were excellent. I trust this opinion so I went for the Paradise Special Kebab which consisted of a skewer of chicken fillet wrapped with lamb fillet marinated in saffron, olive oil with a skewer of minced lamb served with saffron rice and salad. 

Paradise Glasgow Review

When the massive plate of food was placed in front of me I was more than a little intimidated, but never one to shy away from a food challenge I immediately set about it.

The whole plate had a beautiful smoked barbecued smell which had my mouth-watering before I had even taken my first bite. Once I took my first mouthful however I barely spoke again until I was finished….I was totally in a cavewoman style eating frenzy!

Paradise Glasgow Review

The meat was moist, tender and incredibly flavourful. I always tend to shy away from lamb but this dish was amazing, the minced lamb especially was good. The massive serving of rice and salad were lovely and fresh, but given the amount of food on the plate I did mostly focus on eating the meat rather than bulk up on rice.

What a feast!

Unable to finish my main there was no way I was fit to eat any of the tempting desserts so we just got the bill.

Paradise Glasgow Review

The total for 3 people came to a very reasonable £62.10 which I was perfectly happy with. My main was £17 which was fantastic value just for the sheer volume of food….but it was absolutely delicious so I was more than happy with the cost.

This is a fantastic little restaurant and absolutely worth checking out…I know I will definitely visit again soon.

Paradise Score Card

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