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Hey look kids it’s Rocco’s first guest post on the blog….you can read a little bit more about who Rocco is and about the guest posts here.

From humble beginnings in the north-east of Scotland to world domination in just 8 years. It’s amazing to think that this once small brewery, which was founded in 2007 and only opened its first bar in 2010, has now just opened its 37th bar!

However, the aptly named Doghouse in Glasgow’s Merchant City is something a little special for the Brewdog chain. Not only does it operate as a regular Brewdog bar, but it also contains an outstanding bottle shop and a canteen style smoke house / bbq joint.

DogHouse Glasgow

I, along with my partner in crime Austen, were fortunate enough to attend the launch night on Friday 30th October courtesy of the Glasgow Food Geek who couldn’t attend herself. I reckon it was just a lame excuse as that lassie CANNOT drink beer to save her life. Despite actively force feeding ‘The Geek’ countless beers samples, I think its safe to say she will always opt for a glass of Victoria Beckham ‘special’ wine rather than a craft beer, anyway I digress. Back to the pub…..  (This is so Ture – GFG)

DogHouse Glasgow Review

As you would expect from Brewdog, its well stocked, but this new place, even more so. The bar features no less than 25 draught beers on tap! The majority of draughts are from the Brewdog brewery, however, there was a healthy selection of non-Brewdog taps too, from around the globe no less, which was great to see. In addition to this, is the MEGA bottle shop, which really sets Doghouse apart. The knowledgeable staff informed me there were some 250 bottles to choose from and the genius behind this is that they are all available to sit in or take away. I’ve experienced similar such bar / bottle shop combos in places like Copenhagen (i.e the amazing Mikkeler bars) but never here in the UK, so this is something a bit special for us.

DogHouse Glasgow Review

If I were to talk about the 275 different beers on offer it would literally wear out my keyboard, so I think its fair to say, that if you don’t find a beer that you like in here, you should just probably just give up looking.

The opening night was rather relaxed and fortunately it wasn’t overly busy so we were able to find a seat next to some friends we spotted. At the door we were greeted and given a little token which entitled us to a half pint of punk and a taster platter of various smoked meats and a couple of sides.

Most of you will probably already be familiar with the style of beers Brewdog produce, predominantly of the über hoppy / IPA variety, and that is exactly what we got in our Punk IPA. Bursting with tropical fruit notes with a crisp, bitter finish it worked really well with our meat-fest platter. Unfortunately for you veggies and vegans, this will not be a dining location for you, as the menu is pretty much exclusively for carnivores.

DogHouse Glasgow Review

The meats used are sourced by the award-winning butcher Aubrey Allen and they come in all different styles. North Carolina-style Lexington pulled pork, Texas brisket, ‘hot gut’ smoked sausage, smoked Beef Rib, smoked chicken to name a few. These are sold by the pound, however they also do a platter which they offer for lunch (£8) and dinner (£14.95) if you fancy trying a few different items.

DogHouse Glasgow Review

On the night we were treated to pretty much all the meats and I concur, they were good. It’s not the most adventurous or inspiring of menu’s and perhaps its a little fad-y, going all our with the American theme, but hey, it’s what the kids want! We got to choose from two different sides, from items like Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad, Blue Cheese Salad, Pit Beans and Market greens. I went for the greens and tattie salad and they were again very nice without being mind-blowing.

Like all Brewdog pubs, it has that familiar industrial type look, but its laid back, with friendly staff and chilled out punters. For me this is a place to enjoy beer, with like-minded beerphiles. It truly is our beer Mecca in Glasgow so it’s now time for me to work through those 275 beers…..

*That is a lot of beer to be drinking Rocco..perhaps don’t try to get through them all in one night! Thanks for the brilliant review, can’t wait to read more. Check out what Rocco has to say on Twitter and instagram

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