Do You Love Bread Meats Bread???

What do you love?

There are many people and things in my life that I love…Mr Geek (obvs) my boys Snoopy and Bug, my slightly mental family and my crazy funny friends.

I love this city, I love christmas and I love saying the word Hippopotamus (totally true!)

I am sure you can work out that I love food too….all food. I love beautiful steaks and perfect chips, I love brunch and I love a gooey pizza.

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

I love burgers…no wait that is not true. I don’t really love just any burgers I love Bread Meats Bread burgers.

If you follow me on social media you know how I feel about BMB as far as I am concerned they are the Mack Daddy of burgers.

You’re wondering where I am going with this, right?

Well I have a £50 gift voucher for BMB to give away. Yes that’s right – FIFTY POUNDS! That is basically an amazing meal for 4 people.

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

So as it is such an amazing prize I am gonna need you to work a little harder for this competition rather than just a quick twitter retweet.

I want you to show me how much you love Bread Meats Bread…I want pictures of you in Bread Meats Bread, outside Bread Meats Bread, pictures of burgers, I want to see how much you love BMB….use your imagination. Go wild! Impress me!

Since I am asking you to put a little effort into this competition I will keep the competition running until Friday the 11th Dec at 6pm so you have lots of time to get snapping.

To enter just Tweet, Facebook or Instagram me with the #ILOVEBMB and tag me in the pictures.

Mr Geek and I will pick a winner after the competition closes.

Good luck!




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