My 2015 Round Up

Can you believe we are here again kidz?

Bidding a fond farewell and a see ya later gator to another year and ushering in the new.

I vividly remember sitting down to write this exact same post last year for 2014, thinking at the time well there is no way 2015 will exceed 2014 because it was such a great year for me. Naturally I was wrong and 2015 has proved to be the best time of my life.

Well, when I say it has been the best time of my life that is 100% true but it has also had some of the most painful moments I’ve ever experienced too. I just don’t really like to talk about it on Glasgow Food Geek, this is a place of fun, food and joy. I just didn’t want you to think this was some kind of smug….’look how awesome my life is post’ because while I have had an incredibly year it also contained some of the most crippling painful moments of my life too.

But I try to be a silver-lining kinda gal and my year has mostly been a bursting kaleidoscope of colour and joy,  jam-packed with gorgeous people, wonderful experiences, incredibly opportunities and beautiful memories.

Of course you know that food was a HUGE part of why it was a great year, and some of my meals this year have been off the charts amazeballs awesome!

I am sure if you follow me on twitter you’ll know who my big hero of 2015 have been & where I visit the most. HutcehsonsBread Meats BreadNic’s DeliCubatas and Don Costanzos have all features very heavily in my 2015 food adventures. I love each of them for different reasons but one thing is constant – all of these spots have dazzled and delighted me time and time again this year,  and I can not wait to enjoy more gorgeous food in all of these restaurants next year.

While I love my ‘stead go-to places’ 2015 has brought me many new food loves too. This year I discovered Lychee Oriental, The Sister, Riverhill and Ka Ka Lok all of whom I have enjoyed hugely.

As well as new discoveries there have also been some wonderful new additions to the Glasgow food scene in West on the Corner111 by NicoPorter & Rye and LaFavourita. I have loved visiting all of these new places this year and most definitely look forward to many more visits.

Along with some amazing food this year has given me lots of fun experiences and memories.

The most bizarre and odd experience was surely filming a TV show for Canadian TV called the Foodie List back in April with some of my favourite bloggers. Very odd but fun experience.

There are too many fun Yelp Glasgow events to mention them all but my favourites include A glitzy black tie evening, a pamper session at Molton Brown and numerous brunch club and international night outings with some of my favourite people.

One of the coolest and most surprising things to happen this year was being named by The Scotsman as one of the top 14 Scottish Instagrammers to follow along side Andy Murray, Paolo Nutini and Calvin Harris. This was probably my most mind-blowing surreal moment of 2015…I’m still a bit chuffed now just thinking about it.

Some of my favourite nights of the year have been spent at my penthouse which we moved into in January after a horrendous 3 month massive renovation. We’ve enjoyed a few epic parties and more than a few nights in with some food and wine while chewing the fat with friends.

A big part of 2015 for me which will continue to grow into 2016 was my #projectgeekfit posts. I have let things really badly slip in December but come the new year it will be full steam ahead with this. I am roping in my buddy Trudie to help motivate me and keep me focused so expect lots of smug instagram post of my pink trainers and us ‘enjoying’ our #sweatsesh

Once again this little piece of the virtual world I call my own has helped in making this a brilliant year and I thank you from the bottom of my food loving heart for again spending the year reading my rambling reviews and talking with me on twitter and instagram…I am not sure I will ever be able to appropriately convoy how happy you guys engaging with the blog makes me.

You are the biggest part of why I love Glasgow Food Geek – basically what I am saying is that you kidz rock and I hope you have had a fabulous 2015!

So that is it all over apart from the shouting I guess. With only a few hours left of 2015 I suggest we get the Champagne on ice and  get ready to welcome 2016 – let’s make it a bloody great year!

Glasgow Food Geek 2015 Round Up


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