Montgomerys Cafe – Brunch

Is anyone else like me and exhales with a  sense of relief at successfully navigating your way through another festive period?

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The endless nights out, the stress at picking the perfect gift for everyone you have ever met in your entire life, writing christmas cards to people you haven’t seen in 10 years but your Mum assures you that they will be mortally offended if they don’t relieve a card from you. And let’s not even talk about the absolute excess of food and booze – hello £130 bar bill on Christmas day at the Blythswood………and that was just my share! OOPS!

Anyway I digress slightly, I love christmas but I am glad things are returning to a more normal routine.

During all the crazy in December I paid a visit to Montgomerys Cafe in Finnieston for brunch and thought I would tell you guys about it.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

Montgomerys is a lovely light, bright, airy coffee shop come bakery on Radnor Street. The vibe is very much laid back and relaxed, it’s a fairly standard cool west end coffee shop which I like very much. There is lots of wood – the floors, the tables and chairs, and wooden walls painted a pretty shade of sky blue.  It also has one of my favourite features in a coffee shop –  large windows for flooding the cafe with light and giving me the opportunity to people watch.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

The staff were lovely, quick to offer me a coffee and take my order with a smile. I was doing a little work while I was there and the waitress dropped by my table often to see if I need a refill and helped me clear the table of my laptop and gubbons when my food arrived which was nice of her.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

The breakfast menu is pretty awesome, offering freshly made pancakes, waffles and all the traditional brunch options you would expect to find now in a good brunch spot. I however couldn’t see past the Brunch Stack, which was what I ordered.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

The brunch stack consists of Melba toast topped with crisp Ayrshire bacon, Stornoway black pudding, grilled tomato and mushroom, all finished off with a freshly poached egg and homemade hollandaise sauce.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

Not being a fan of mushroom (BLEURGH!) or tomato I asked for it without. A few minutes later the chef (who I think may also have been the owner) came over and asked me if I would like to add something extra instead, I thanked him and said it was fine. He then said the magic words – ‘what about a wee tattie scone?’ my response was naturally ‘ aye! go on then!’

Within a few minutes my beautiful stack plus additional tattie scone was placed in front of me and I dove in.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review

I can confirm that the Brunch Stack is everything you hope it will be – crunch freshly made melba toast, soft and ever so slightly spicy black pudding, crispy bacon, a tasty tattie scone, topped with a perfectly runny poached egg and what I believe was home-made creamy hollandaise.

Naturally I demolished the lot in about 3 minutes – barely stopping to take a breath. Frankly the other dinners should be thankful I stopped short of licking the plate!

I can’t remember now what my bill came to but it wasn’t expensive. The brunch stack cost a very reasonable £7.95 which I was more than happy with.

Although I have bought take-away coffee from Montgomerys Cafe before I very much enjoyed my first sit-in experience and look forward to going back soon to try both their lunch and evening menus.

This lovely little spot is definitely worth checking out soon for a gorgeously long lazy brunch.

Montgomerys Cafe Glasgow Brunch Review